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Hi, my name is Jennifer Longmore, serial entrepreneur, money magnet and abundance creator!   I am an international healer, speaker, 3-time best-selling author, and founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Akashic Studies, I have helped people remember who they really are through over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries.

Throughout my personal journey as a direct channel to all levels of consciousness, universal principles, and sacred truths, I have accumulated an immense amount of wisdom about the soul, the ascension process, the divine mind and the school of infinite intelligence and am called to now share that with you!  And if you’re here, I know you’ve been called to receive my guidance for you.

It is my intention to support souls in realizing their purpose, awakening to universal truth, accelerating their souls’ growth, mastering the laws of the universe AND their personal and infinite wealth.

It is also my passion to help people reconnect with Source, themselves, the planet, and all that is, while grounding in the vessel that is their human body.  This integration of body and spirit creates the richest, most joyous, soul-filled human experience.

I have learned to master the Universal Law of Attraction and manifest miracles.   My most recent example of this is going from ZERO knowledge of real estate investment to building a $20 million real estate empire in less than 10 months (as a healie-feelie energy worker, no less), while also running 4 other profitable businesses. I am called now to share my knowledge and guide you through creating the absolute most empowered and powerful year yet!

I have an incredible, semi-retired lifestyle so anything that I do offer to my cherished tribe comes from a place of high-service and deep desire to support the shifts mentioned above.

I'm guessing that, like many others, you're eager to attract more of what you want WITH EASE and FLOW.

If that describes you to a T, then you're in the right place!

The universe has a funny way of bringing us exactly what we need when we set our intentions to call in whatever miracles we're looking for:

  • Money miracles
  • Business miracles
  • Relationship miracles
  • And many, many more!

Not coincidentally, the NUMBER 8 is very aligned with amplifying abundance, developing personal power for creating what you desire, and learning to manifest like a superstar in the material world.  When we enter the 8:88 portal this only becomes magnified exponentially and makes us a manifesting maven or magician!

How does it get any better than that?

It's in the spirit of this, that the Akashic Record Keepers helped me download the perfect abundance attraction program for YOU, since so many souls in my community struggle with this very topic!

That's why I'm excited to announce my brand NEW online program: 8:88 Accessing Your Abundance Portal

This life-changing, 8 part audio training is for you if you are experiencing the following in your life right now:

  • Lack of money flow
  • Lack of creative inspiration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling stuck or stagnant
  • Longing for connection and tribe
  • Needing divine guidance
  • Eager for a massive alignment boost

Join me for 8 super-charged recordings of training designed to align your soul's blueprint with your abundance blueprint for an infinite flow of all things that you desire with EASE and GRACE!

It's time to claim more of your divine birthright: ABUNDANCE

During the expansive 8 part audio training, you'll be covering the following topics:

  • Abundance Blocks Begone
  • Amplifying Your Abundance Aura
  • Creating Infinite Flow
  • Activating Abundance Receptors
  • Abundant Bank Account
  • 6th Chakra Magic
  • Abundantly Aligned Action
  • Attracting Your High-Vibe Tribe

When you make the decision to claim your abundance and enroll in the 8:88 Accessing Abundance Portal Program,  here's what you receive:

  • 1

    8 miracle-rich call mp3 recordings

    More than 8 hours in total ($2200 value)

  • 2

    Insider access

    Early access to other Soul Journeys® products and programs before their official launch AND at a discounted rate exclusively to you (Priceless)

  • 3

    All of the inner shifts and soul acceleration benefits listed above

    As a result of exclusive access to this once-in-a-lifetime training! (Priceless)

As you can see your investment for such a high vibe program could be well over $2200, but you're naturally not going to invest that much. In fact, your investment is ONLY $888. Crazy deal, right?

I've made it super easy to say YES and finally kickstart your manifesting mojo, but if you need more incentive to invest in yourself, here are some results that others receive when enrolling in my high-value programs:

“I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk & I've experienced her money elizabeth-purvismagic myself. Over the past couple of years she has been an energetic "secret weapon" behind my most successful launches, with her coaching & teaching having a direct impact on over $1m in revenue in my business. She has stretched my sense of possibility like nobody else, and as someone who teaches this manifestation stuff day in and day out, that is really saying something.

“If you're a spirit-led, mission-driven woman who wants to create true wealth...

run, don't walk, to any opportunity you have to experience Jennifer. She is the real deal, with the results to prove it. And a heart of gold to boot.”

Elizabeth Purvis

“In 1998, I began my search for a greater understanding of my life and Life itself, spurred on aliciato find a cure for a disease when doctors told me there wasn’t one. I was so excited to explore ways of working with energy and slowly opened up to being more of who I truly was. It was scary as I started to leave behind the successful, wealthy persona and I wasn’t sure how my friends and family would react. But I was finally beginning to feel like me! Are you hesitating to make a change in your life that might seem crazy, too big or just not what others might find acceptable? Give yourself permission to be who you really are and you’ll create miracles too.”

Alicia Issacs Howes

“It is the greatest blessing to find a teacher who has THE most enlightened answer to every milada-ssdakicquestion you ever asked, always addressing the very core of the issue at hand. Therefore, I will forever honor the energy, knowledge, and blessings of one of the most amazing teachers walking amongst us today, Jennifer Longmore, who has shown me HOW healing is as infinite as it is real and possible…in a most joyous, gentle and loving way.”

Milada Sakic

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P.S.  It is my mission to empower other’s to reawaken their abundance threshold. I would love for you to support me in my mission by forwarding this invitation to your friends and loved ones so that they can receive the full benefit of this powerful call. Choose to be the torch that lights another’s flame!


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