In Less Than 12 Weeks, Easily Fill Your Calendar With An Endless Stream Of Ideal Clients Without Spending A Dime!

If I could show you how to create a simple, timeless and elegant business model that guaranteed you a FULL calendar of ideal clients consistently, would you be interested in learning how?

Whether you typically do well in the client attraction department OR you're still trying to sift through what works (and whether it will work for you), there will be times in your business where your client attraction processes need a reboot.

How will you know?!

You will be SO clear that you need some new juju in the client attraction department because one of 2 things will be happening for you:

  1. You are attracting an abundance of clients that you don’t work to work with but feel you have to in order to pay the bills  
  2. You are not attracting enough of the ideal clients that you would LOVE to work with

This feast or famine cycle is very common AND easily resolved (yay)!

If you know that it’s time to UPLEVEL and streamline how you’re currently attracting clients, but don’t know where to turn or what to implement, it can feel frustrating.

Especially if:

  • you're feeling like there is a cog in the client attraction wheel and NOTHING feels like it’s flowing (you see everyone else magnetizing an endless stream of ideal clients with ease and wonder why it’s not happening for you)!
  • you don’t want to keep feeling like you’re hunting or pursuing people, and employing sales tactics that feel icky (so maybe you’re avoiding consistent client attraction all together)
  • you feel like you're working so DANG HARD to attract a steady flow of clients and you are SO ready for an easy daily system that works and feels aligned so that you can fall in love with your biz again!
  • you are SO over spending tons of money to attract leads, especially when they aren't necessarily a fit for your programs (you know in your bones that there is an easier and much more affordable way to attract your ideal clients)!
  • you are craving an easy-to-use, results-oriented system that takes very little of your precious time, requires minimal team support (if any), and utilizes timeless biz practices that withstand the ever-changing trends on “how to attract new clients”

If you are SO ready to create a business and client attraction system that is simple, elegant and repeatable with ZERO ad spend, no to low-cost marketing strategies, and minimal team support, then you’ll love my NEW group immersion…….

Exponential Client Attraction: Easily Fill Your Calendar With An Endless Stream Of Ideal Clients Without Spending A Dime  In 12 Weeks (or less)

This elegant, seamless, results-based system was designed to support you in your biz and help you serve the people you’re here to serve!  

I’ve seen far too many savvy, talented entrepreneurs struggle with client attraction over the past 15 years, so I’ve literally mapped out my entire client attraction system for YOU so that you can trade the struggle, worry, and confusion for ease, clarity….and an endless flow of ideal clients!

How do I know that it works?

Because I’ve used my high-converting client attraction system for over 15 years, even through all iterations of the latest business trends, and it STILL WORKS beautifully!

It’s timeless and repeatable - they way any sound client attraction processes should be!

When I started my spiritual, healie-feelie business full time over 15 years ago, websites were not really a thing, and social media didn't even exist, so what's a gal to do?!

a) I attended networking events (which was painful for an introvert like me)
b) I conducted a massive amount of speaking gigs (which was even more painful as an introvert)
c) I published my contact info in directories and bulletin boards (yes, old school)
d) I attended collaboration meetings (another tough thing for an introvert)

I didn't know what I was doing in biz (like any of us when we 1st start), but I knew that:

  • whatever I did needed to be "no or low cost" as I wasn't going to be a slavegirl in my biz and go into debt to serve others
  • it needed to be efficient so that I could have the greatest impact and the most energized momentum
  • I needed to find venues that got me in front of a ton of qualified leads with minimal effort but maximum impact
  • With networking events, I shifted from being shy and introverted to embodying my leadership energy.

What happened? Almost all attendees hired me and referred me because I was holding the energy of leader and expert.

  • With speaking gigs, I found venues that hard large audiences and distribution to my ideal clients, so that my name could be broadcast to millions of households at a time even if they didn't attend whatever workshop I was hosting (Learning Annex, City Programming, Colleges, Healing Centres that offered classes)

What happened? No joke, almost the entire class would run to the back of the room at the end of each class asking me (Rather than me making an offer) of how else they could work with me. *This was by far, the most effective strategy and filled at least 75% of my coaching schedule and other private workshops.

  • With directories and bulletin boards, I literally broadcast my contact info or class to my ideal clients (ie holistic directories, bulletin boards outside of yoga studios, health stores, etc)

What happened? I attracted a ton of people that were actively looking for what I offered. They were grateful to find me. Easy-breezy and no sales pitches required.

Within 10 months, I had a waiting list, was 100% referral-based and was generating over 6 figures with almost no $$$ spent on lead generation (in fact, others were absorbing the cost of that to broadcast me)

These are tried and true strategies and are still applicable today AND I've upgraded the same approach to match changing times. I've discovered how to use NO-COST client attraction strategies (beyond what I shared above that will be so perfect for YOUR biz) that align with modern marketing to attract an endless stream of qualified leads in less than 15 minutes/day.

In fact, just from Facebook alone, I generate multi-six figures each year from these same upgraded strategies......from people asking to work with me (as I hinted to in my strategies above), rather than me doing outreach (I love attraction-based biz practices).

It feels much lighter to attract people to you, rather than being in pursuit.

It breaks my heart that so many highly-skilled, people-loving folks can't seem to find that sweet spot in client attraction.

  • They lose sleep at night.
  • They feel like a failure.
  • They seriously contemplate packing it in and getting a job.
  • They have interpersonal conflicts that are a by-product of the stress.
  • And the list goes on.

I know because I coach people on client attraction at all levels of biz - the pain points are the same.

I've attracted clients with ease over the years and still have clients from 10-15 years ago because retention is a huge part of client attraction.)

All of that to say, I've developed a certain mastery with client attraction which is why I'm sharing this with you to let you know if it's possible for me, it's 1,000,000 % possible for you too!

There are so many more free tools available to us now to attract at least 10 qualified leads every day (that become clients). So, if that's not happening for you, we need to get to the bottom of it.

  • You're here to serve, not worry.
  • You're here to be in flow, not in contraction.
  • You're here to share your purpose with others, not contract.

My only 'regret' from that time in my business is not receiving actual biz guidance to make it even easier to to grow even quicker (it didn't even occur to me to hire a coach until about year 5 - bless my heart) 😉

That is why I’ve made it super easy and UBER-affordable to join my "Exponential Client Attraction System" high-vibe group training program.

It's so affordable, that if you don't jump on it when you're saying you're ready for more clients, it tells me that something else is going on for you re: client attraction.

Fear of failure?

Fear of success?

Fear of responsibility?

Fear of being attacked?

It’s time to STOP letting fear run the show, and shift into exponential client attraction!


Is this high-vibe, results-oriented group training program for YOU?

Whether you’re new in business and you need to keep your costs down, or you’ve got spending exhaustion from low-performing FB ads, or you’re re-branding and need to learn how to pivot and market to your new audience, OR you’ve just lost your mojo and are craving a client attraction reboot - I’ve got YOU!

My Exponential Client Attraction System is going to walk you through everything that you need to be a client attraction magnet and enjoy a full calendar of ideal clients in less than 12 weeks, including:

  • creating a simple, timeless, and elegant biz model that flows and generates a minimum of $50K/mth (if not more)
  • clarity of direction, messaging, and brand so that people calmer to work with you because it is crystal clear how your biz can support their goals
  • designing highly client-attractive offers that sell with ease (and meet your monthly income goals)
  • fun & easy social media strategies to attract 10+ qualified leads/day that turn into amazing clients
  • how to fully book and confidently lead discovery calls that result in a YES!!! more than 90% of the time
  • aligned selling strategies that allow you to feel in service to your ideal clients
  • profit mapping to ensure the greatest impact with the least amount of effort
  • juicy collaboration strategies that put you in front of your ideal clients with minimal effort and lots of impact
  • profitable speaking strategies that have people clamoring to work with you
  • effective expert positioning that leads to an abundance of ideal clients and opportunities to be in front of more qualified leads
  • amplifying a magnetic mindset that allows your energy to pull clients to you (rather than being in pursuit energy)
  • and other effortless and super effective client attraction methods

Most of this takes as little as 15 minutes/day to implement, and whether you spend time OR whether you spend money, you have to spend something to attract clients.

I still run my biz on the frugal side and I have way more divisions and moving parts than when I first started.  As I mentioned, just using 15 minutes/day yields multi-six figures every year just from my relationship-building strategies on Facebook.

Here is everything you receive in this high-value program:

12 weekly content-loaded training calls on everything listed above (recorded for future listening) ($10,000 value)

3 bonus trainings on mindset, magnetism, and other client attraction tips and tricks ($1,500 value)

Weekly Q&A for all 12 weeks ($4,000 value)

Private group forum for accountability, support, networking and e-coaching from me (priceless)

Scripts, templates, and outlines to make your client attraction process SO much easier ($2,000 value)

You can begin your incredible 12 week client attraction journey now! Live Q&A calls will be held every Tuesday from 12:00-1:00pm ET.

The value of this results-based program is more than $17,000, but I’ve priced your investment at just $2,997 $1,997 - naturally you are going to make your investment back several times over, and before your program is over (especially if you implement what I teach you).

If you’re feeling like this program is for you, but you just have a few more questions before you say YES to yourself, apply here to be eligible for a 15 minute chat with me or someone from my team to answer your questions about the program.



Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: You’ll hear more in the video testimonials below.  When people implement what I teach they’re seeing amazing results after the 1st and 2nd training calls which is fantastic.  This is designed to be a results-based program, so someone would have to expend a lot of energy trying NOT to attract clients in order to not see results!

Q: How do I know of this program is for me?

Whether you’re new in business and you need to keep your costs down, or you’ve got spending exhaustion from low-performing FB ads, or you’re re-branding and need to learn how to pivot and market to your new audience, OR you’ve just lost your mojo and are craving a client attraction reboot - I’ve got YOU!

YES! Sign me up for the Exponential Client Attraction System!


One Time Payment
$1,997 USD

6 Monthly Payments
$367 USD


Still wondering?  No worries - apply here for a 15 minute chat so that we can explore and make sure that it is a fit for you!

Here are some very recent interviews from real people who are currently enrolled in the program - crazy results and they’re not even finished:

"Before joining the course I was always nervous about doing discovery calls. I love talking about my business and all the beautiful outcomes and transformations I help people achieve, but then I got so nervous when it came to discussing my fees and their investment in my services. I didn’t know how to approach that in a non-attached way.

As soon as I decided to join the Exponential Client Attraction program, I gained clarity about how my two businesses could merge into a single truly aligned and authentic business. This shift gave me the opportunity to get more clear about services and marketing.

By the end of the program, I increased my rates by 5x and landed 2 new clients, have several meetings scheduled with prospects that already know the investment and have said that they want to work with me and am much more confident about how I promote myself!

This training gives you both mindset work to shift your limiting beliefs about money and self-worth, and actual tools to improve your communication with the creation of your authentic lead generation."

- Beatrice Lugano, Brand Advisor

"Before starting the Exponential Client Attraction Program, I was receiving 1 or 2 referrals per month. I felt ready to make an impact in more lives, which is why I joined the program. As soon as I said yes to investing in myself, almost immediately more referrals started contacting me. A LOT more – 1 or 2 per day! All before I even began implementing the strategies that Jennifer teaches

My “leadership” energy increased which resulted in closing sales and a speaking gig with ease.

If you're reading this and sitting on the fence about joining, you’re in business to help people… and the strategies and support in this program make it really easy to do that regardless of your business, team size, etc.  You'll receive exactly what you need to make it easy and joyful."

- Tamika Auwai, Chief Marketing Officer & Agency Owner


P.S.  It is my mission to empower others to reawaken their abundance threshold. I would love for you to support me in my mission by forwarding this invitation to your friends and loved ones so that they can receive the full benefit of this powerful call. Choose to be the torch that lights another’s flame!


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