Join A High-vibe Community Of Other Highly-Sensitive Souls Who Speak Your Language And Learn How To Navigate 3D Living With Ease, Flow, Joy and Peace!

Dear Highly-Sensitive Soul,

I know first-hand what it's like trying to make sense of being on this planet, navigating the noise, the over-stimulation, picking up on other people's energy, and attracting strangers who want to share their whole life story with me.

Sound familiar?

I also know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by time pressures, scrutiny, too much responsibility, the energy of world events, large groups, other people's emotions, and so much more.

Can you relate?

I used to feel tired just in anticipation of group events (like networking meetings, conferences, concerts, etc.) because I was already feeling the overstimulation.

I used to contract my energy from the world for long periods of time because I didn't know how to manage my energy or other people's.

Maybe this is you too?

Eventually, I had to learn how to cope because I knew that my purpose was to serve a lot of people, and to speak to large groups of people.  This meant learning how to travel with ease regularly, especially on long flights when my seat mate would want to emotionally vomit their whole life story on me.

This meant learning how to attend networking events, business conferences and speaking gigs without completing losing my marbles.

This meant learning how to serve without taking on other people's energies and agendas.

I was here for a big purpose (like YOU) and I could no longer allow the highly-sensitive part of me to run the show.

I needed to learn how to be of this world, in my body, and in service, without going down the rabbit hole of contracting, hiding, overwhelm, avoidance, procrastination, distractions and deflection.

In other words, I get you.  I speak your language,  And.....I've figured out a way to run several thriving businesses, live my purpose full-out, be in relationship with my divine if partner, and be visible by making this aspect of me work for me.

If you're struggling to live your purpose or to run your purpose-based business, it's likely because you haven't been aware of the fact that you are highly-sensitive AND you're like following a mentor who is extroverted or trying to get you to follow a paint-by-numbers system that just won't work for you.

It can't.

So, please stop making yourself wrong for not getting 'it' or for feeling like an alien on a planet that you are, in fact, more than welcome (and needed) to be a part of!

You have very specific needs in order to feel in the flow, at peace, and in joy, and if you haven't found someone who speaks your language, you will continue to struggle, feel overwhelmed, and feel like you don't belong.

So, how do you know if you're highly-sensitive?

  • You are very in tune with other people's energies and are highly-sensitive to world events
  • Your blood sugar dips easily (a.k.a it's easier for you to get hangry than the average person:)
  • You are overwhelmed by deadlines and don't like being openly scrutinized
  • You tire easily when in groups or around a lot of noise and chaos
  • You feel tired at just the thought of being around a lot of noise or people
  • You feel less stressed by 1:1 or small group interaction
  • You recharge at home or in nature
  • You are highly sensitive to being judged or critiqued
  • You attract a lot of people that want to tell you their life story and/or people with poor boundaries
  • You are a natural counsellor
  • You are highly intuitive
  • You can smell hidden agendas a mile away

Now, the question is, how can you be supported now that you know what you are navigating?

Well.....great news!!!!  I've created an amazing, virtual sacred circle (this will be great news since you're introverted - you'll get to stay in your jammies) called, Highly Sensitive Souls, where we speak your language.

I was guided to create this divine program for you because it finally dawned on me that if worked through this, I’ve likely attracted a ton of people to my sacred tribe that are learning (and longing) to navigate this too!

Wouldn't it feel amazing to belong to a juicy, sacred circle of people who speak your language, who get you, and who want you to succeed in life and business on YOUR terms?

Here's how it will flow:

  • 1 Live Energy Booster group call per month where I help you clear and align your energies to support you in keeping YOUR energy field in tact without interference from the outside world; it’ll give you the boost of vitality that you need to joyfully flow into another day/week without the anticipatory fatigue that you used to experience (all calls are recorded)
  • 1 Live 30min Energy Alignment Meditation to support you in aligning your energy and protect it into the universe and beyond to manifest whatever you choose (all calls recorded)
  • 1 Live 60min training call focused on supporting you in successfully navigating love, money, business, purpose (and so much more) as a highly-sensitive soul (all calls recorded)
  • 2 Live group laser coaching calls to support you in integrating that months' themes and energies (all calls recorded)
  • 1 Sacred and dynamic group forum to unite you with other souls who speak your language, to network and to receive e-coaching from yours truly
  • Weekly group check-ins and soul assignments to support you in living an aligned, magnetic and peaceful life as a highly sensitive soul
  • BONUS: Complimentary access to my New Moon Monthly Membership program for 6 months ($150 value)

The value of this magical membership exceeds $500/mth but your investment is ONLY $197 per month (payments received automatically on the same day of your registration each month).

  • Are you craving EVEN MORE support? The upgrade to the VIP level and enjoy 1 45min private coaching call every single month!


The flow of this monthly membership works like this:

Week 1 - 30m Meditation call + 30m Q&A
Week 2 - 30m Energy training call + 30m Q&A
Week 3 - 1 hour Training call
Week 4 - Integration week

PLUS you can begin the program at any time!

I've made it super easy to say YES and finally kickstart your manifesting mojo, but if you need more incentive to invest in yourself, here are some results that others receive when enrolling in my high-value programs:

“I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk & I've experienced her money elizabeth-purvismagic myself. Over the past couple of years she has been an energetic "secret weapon" behind my most successful launches, with her coaching & teaching having a direct impact on over $1m in revenue in my business. She has stretched my sense of possibility like nobody else, and as someone who teaches this manifestation stuff day in and day out, that is really saying something.

“If you're a spirit-led, mission-driven woman who wants to create true wealth...

run, don't walk, to any opportunity you have to experience Jennifer. She is the real deal, with the results to prove it. And a heart of gold to boot.”

Elizabeth Purvis

“In 1998, I began my search for a greater understanding of my life and Life itself, spurred on aliciato find a cure for a disease when doctors told me there wasn’t one. I was so excited to explore ways of working with energy and slowly opened up to being more of who I truly was. It was scary as I started to leave behind the successful, wealthy persona and I wasn’t sure how my friends and family would react. But I was finally beginning to feel like me! Are you hesitating to make a change in your life that might seem crazy, too big or just not what others might find acceptable? Give yourself permission to be who you really are and you’ll create miracles too.”

Alicia Issacs Howes

“It is the greatest blessing to find a teacher who has THE most enlightened answer to every milada-ssdakicquestion you ever asked, always addressing the very core of the issue at hand. Therefore, I will forever honor the energy, knowledge, and blessings of one of the most amazing teachers walking amongst us today, Jennifer Longmore, who has shown me HOW healing is as infinite as it is real and possible…in a most joyous, gentle and loving way.”

Milada Sakic

YES!  Sign me up for the Highly Sensitive Souls!


Monthly Payment Plan

$197 per month

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Monthly Payment Plan

$697 per month

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Wishing you rich, abundant blessings,

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P.S.  It is my mission to empower other’s to reawaken their abundance threshold. I would love for you to support me in my mission by forwarding this invitation to your friends and loved ones so that they can receive the full benefit of this powerful call. Choose to be the torch that lights another’s flame!


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