Dear master healers, innovators, industry leaders and global visionaries,

How would it feel to have instant access to an ancient tool that can provide you with:

  • Crystal clarity in your biz decisions to create the best outcome for you, your biz, and your clients each and every time?
  • Divine downloads for innovation and aligned offerings to your valued clients that create amazing change while also generating exponential profits?
  • Inspired copy to attract an abundance of incredible clients that you feel lucky and excited to serve?
  • Acceleration of your frequency so that you and your business can vibrate over 1 million bio-energy units, thus turning you into an attraction magnet for all things ideal (and quickly)?
  • Expansion of your wealth consciousness so that you can create ultimate time and financial freedom while doing what you love and allowing yourself to receive everything you choose to allow in?

Imagine your infinite possibilities!

Many of my AWE-mazing clients have created their own aligned version of this, including...

Elizabeth Purvis

I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk & I’ve experienced her money magic myself. Over the past couple of years she has been an energetic “secret weapon” behind my most successful launches, with her coaching & teaching having a direct impact on over $1m in revenue in my business.

If you’re a spirit-led, mission-driven woman who wants to create true wealth… run, don’t walk, to any opportunity you have to experience Jennifer. She is the real deal, with the results to prove it.

Elizabeth Purvis from

It’s no accident you found your way to this page, which means that you’re likely tired of one or more of the following:

  • spinning your wheels in indecision, feeling unfocused, and/or unproductive
  • feeling unmotivated or uninspired
  • slowing down your global impact and not creating the reach that you know you are here to do
  • trying to stay on top of the latest biz trends, but finding yourself down the rabbit hole with little to no results
  • implementing yet another cookie-cutter method that isn’t aligned to the consciousness of your biz leaving you feeling ‘off'
  • feeling like you’ve lost your biz mojo
  • bottlenecking in your biz and feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling stagnant
  • knowing you are capable of generating more income but sabotaging your profits
  • playing small
  • feeling unsupported by your biz, your bank account, the universe, your team, and more

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If you’re feeling even one of these things, then - GREAT NEWS….. you’re in the right place!

When I first started my healing business years ago, I didn’t have a clue about how to run a business, but I did know how to use my sacred toolkit to serve my clients.  It allowed me to be almost 100% referral-based and generate over 6 figures in less than 10 months (this was back in the day when there was no social media and websites weren’t really a part of small business yet).

As it turns out, this sacred toolkit (to my surprise) ended up being my greatest business ally and had me downloading very lucrative programs for my amazing clients that have allowed me to generate millions through my healing biz and go on to generate millions in other businesses and empire-building ventures.

Who knew that I would become the go-to person (and secret weapon) for many industry leaders because I get them results - quickly.

And I don’t just talk the talk…...

More importantly, I used this same ancient tool to help my amazing clients create their own business magic that has allowed them to cross into 7 figures and beyond, create oodles of time freedom to truly enjoy things near and dear to their heart, and to create massive global impact doing what they love and what they’re designed to do.

After facilitating over 30,000+ divine coaching sessions and hundreds of transformational classes, I’ve learned the 7 Golden Keys that you need to access with this ancient tool so that you can fully align with the consciousness of YOUR business to create the level of impact and profits that YOU and your biz are here to create!

I’m going to be sharing what those exact 7 GOLDEN KEYS are, along with what ancient tool I’m referring to and the variety of ways that you can use it in your life and biz to create incredible and consistent results, in my complimentary masterclass...

Learn The # 1 Way To Access The Consciousness Of Your Biz For Unlimited Abundance, Impact & Success

If you’re ready to extract yourself from the ‘noise’ and finally create a thriving business on your terms that is fully aligned to your soul’s path and its own divine business blueprint, then reserve your sacred seat here to receive all of the details:

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I look forward to sharing all of this miracle-rich, high-value content with you so that you can fully utilize your divine vehicle (your biz) to express your purpose on this planet and create the impact you were sent here to facilitate!

‘See’ you in your masterclass,

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