Dear Feminine Business Leaders, Empire Builders, and Ladybosses,

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely reached a certain level of success, and now you’re wondering what’s next?

You’re ready for more, even craving it, but you’ve got a combo of “monkey mindset” and “I don’t know how’s” keeping you from getting to the NEXT LEVEL.

You know that you are destined for even greater things, and you’re starting to feel bored, anxious, or  maybe even restless with your current day-to-day.

Here are some of the signs that you’re ready for the next level:

  • You’re bored and uninspired by the monthly income that you used to feel excited about
  • You want to attract more ideal clients and/or call in higher price points, but can’t crack seem to crack the code
  • You’re secretly envious of folks who are creating what you desire
  • You’re finding that your mindset is reverting back to those thoughts of “not enough xxx” (old scarcity tapes)
  • You know that you’re smart but you’re still starting to judge yourself for not being able to ‘figure out’ how to move the needle forward
  • You keep reverting back to busy work in order to distract you and/or feel productive
  • You’re spending a little too much time focussing on what others are doing (and then measuring yourself against that)
  • You’re feeling restless and want to move things forward quickly BUT also feel unclear about what to do next

You’d love to move through the nigglies and how-to’s to get to the *next level*  but it seems no matter what angle you take, who you follow, what resources you tap into, and so on, that you can’t seem to reach that sweet spot of abundance, growth, and freedom.

You keeping trying to work the strategies and mindsets that worked at the previous level, but they no longer work because here’s the hard truth: you’ve outgrown them.

The fact is that once we’ve reached a certain level of success, it’s natural to do some soul searching, to get stuck in  a “what’s next?” rut, or to try to go back to what used to work.

The thing is……the same formula that you used to start your biz can’t be the same formula to grow it, and the same formula that you used in your growth phase can’t be the one that takes you into the expansion phase (and so on).

Practically speaking, you’ve already…

  • implemented what the trend-setters are telling you works, but…..don’t see the same results as you’d hoped
  • raised your rates, lowered your rates, offered out-of-this-world bonuses, but…...still not seeing the spike in your next level income
  • tried high-ticket offers, low ticket offers, soft sells, hard sells, and more, but…...still not receiving at the level you know that you are capable and deserving of
  • tried automation, big launches, anti-launches, and everything in between, but…...still aren’t receiving the results you know are on the other side of the rainbow in your pot of gold

You might be reading this and thinking “hmmmmm, does this apply to me?"

So, let me ask you, does this sound like you?

  • You’ve reached a certain level of success and you’re ready for the next level of biz success BUT just can’t crack the code?
  • You’re eager to create even greater IMPACT but you’re already feeling tired at the thought of working even harder than you already do to attain it?
  • You’re comfortable with what you have now and can’t seem to justify allowing even MORE in (even though you secretly want to add more zeros to your income)?
  • You’re watching others succeed around you (maybe some who started their biz much later than you), you can taste that next level, but can’t figure out what ‘they’ have that you don’t?

And I want you to know, you CAN have all of that and, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I hear this kind of stuff from my high-level VIP clients all the time.

Like most entrepreneurs, my VIP clients suffer from things like:

  • comparisonitis (why can’t I have what they’re having?)
  • slave girl syndrome (being a slave to their biz rather than having their biz try serve them)
  • abdication of awareness (I don’t know how)
  • imposter syndrome (why would they want to work with me?)
  • lone wolf syndrome (I can’t trust anyone and it’s easier to do the work myself)
  • analysis paralysis
  • perfection paralysis
  • fill in the blank

But……after working together, that all starts to shift. We make progress inside and out to get them to truest, deepest desires in life and in business.

This program is for you if...

  • you want to hit "high 5 or even 6" figure months with ease...we’re going to create a grounded and soulful strategy to create just that
  • you want to get coverage on radio and TV, and maybe even create your own TV show, we’ll go over my playbook and I’ll introduce you to the A+++ players in my exclusive rolodex that is only shared with my VIP clients
  • you want to fill yummy retreats (lifestyle or biz) at the drop of a dime, I’ve done it successfully several times over and will give you my 6 figure event blueprint
  • you want to NEVER worry about where your next client (or 20 clients) is coming from (and when), I’ve learned a lot over 15 years in biz, particularly how to attract and *retain* ideal clients for more than 10 years+ (this is my sweet spot and I’m going to share everything I know)
  • you want to stop thinking like a millionaire and actually become one, everything is possible for you when you implement what I’m teaching you in this program (not to mention the millions of dollars of intellectual capital that you’ll be tapping into from other high-performing empire builders in your program)

If you’re really READY for YOUR next level…... then I am here to help and I have created this  very special program to make accessing these results easy for you.

Here are some of the shifts these ‘next level’ VIP’s experienced:

“I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk & I've experienced her money magic myself. Over the past couple of years she has been an energetic "secret weapon" behind my most successful launches, with her coaching & teaching having a direct impact on over $1m in revenue in my business. She has stretched my sense of possibility like nobody else, and as someone who teaches this manifestation stuff day in and day out, that is really saying something.

If you're a spirit-led, mission-driven woman who wants to create true, don't walk, to any opportunity you have to experience Jennifer. She is the real deal, with the results to prove it. And a heart of gold to boot.”

Elizabeth Purvis

“Before coaching with Jennifer, I was still wondering what I was doing wrong after all the courses I’d invested in, the affirmations I’d written and felt, and the yearning to help others but feeling that I wasn’t prepared to do that if I couldn’t figure out my own stuff. How could I offer advice, effective coaching and energy-shifts if I hadn’t been able to create all that I wanted for myself?

I had a service business I loved but was more of an expensive hobby than an income generator. I felt in my heart that I could change my finances but whatever I had tried wasn’t making much of a difference. I started with Jennifer’s Heal Your Money Story self-study course in August 2011 and kept coming back for more courses and ways to work with her! Since then, some of the changes I’ve attracted are:

  • Generated 46% of last year’s total income in the first quarter of this year
  • Increased Facebook fans by over 2000%, Twitter followers by over 3000% and my mailing list by 250%
  • Launched new programmes for my business
  • Fulfilled two of the items that had been on my wish list for at least 5 years (new living room furniture and a family trip to Disney)
  • Joined a powerful collaboration with other like-hearted, like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Embracing and enjoying my role as a teacher, healer and coach because I trust that I can share what I have experienced, healed and changed in myself

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer as a coach to anyone.”

Alicia Issacs Howes

“Jennifer Longmore has been a friend and colleague of mine for several years, and just through knowing her I have always known how powerful and transformational her work is. But over the last month I decided to hire Jennifer to support me with the amazing energetic and Akashic records work that she does, and it has blown me away.

Here's an example: At our last session I was a little bummed because I was in the middle of the launch of my Ritual & Facilitator Master Training and we had sold only about 50- 60 spots for it (It had sold 300 spots last year, and though I had raised the rate this year around, I was still expecting to sell at least 150 spots).

I was frustrated because the workshop curriculum and content is pure gold for women who want to create the deepest results possible for their retreats, events, and circles...and it made no sense to me that more spots weren't sold at that point. Except it did make sense. Because I knew I had an inner block that was preventing it from happening.

45 minutes of the phone with Jennifer in a powerful session and I could feel the blocks melting away....and then BAM!....4 days later we had well over 200 spots sold, with more folks still coming in a week later now (even though the early bird rate is done). Total magic with the support of Jennifer!”

Joanna Lindenbaum

If you’re ready to stop the suffering and move to the NEXT LEVEL like these ladies with ease, grace and flow like the savvy feminine leader that you are, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading…..

I am bursting at the seams to share this with you.  I’d love to invite you into to my brand *new* 8 month group virtual business up level immersion and mastermind, THE NEXT LEVEL beginning XXX, where I’m going to be teaching you the 8 Essential Keys To Expanding Your Empire, including:

Module #1
Master of the 4 Essential Quadrants of Business Expansion

When you master these essential components, you create more ease, flow, and quantum leaps in all aspects of your business.  We have to start here because it sets the tone for how everything else moves to the next level. Not to mention, you’ll feel like the next level CEO you were destined to embody!

Module #2
Effectively Communicate With The Consciousness Of Your Biz For Aligned Results Every Time

When you learn to tune into your business at it’s soul level, you can create instant harmony and flow which, in turn, allows for more clarity, more money, and more impact.  It allows you to feel more purposeful and more aligned, plus…..your business will thank you for choosing to consistently co-create magic with it.

Module #3
Shifting From Slave Girl To True Empire Builder

Until you shift into empire builder mode (and yes, this can be feminine and flowing), your results will be lack lustre, stagnant, and disappointing, and more!  Why? Because the slavegirl is rooted in poverty consciousness (internally and externally), while the empire builder is rooted in wealth consciousness and possibility.  You’ll learn practical and internal strategies to rise exponentially and enjoy the empire you were destined to guide!

Module #4
Sales, Sales, Sales: Scaling, Cash Injections, and Automation (oh my)

When you master sales and scalability, you will create so much breathing room for all of the projects that you haven’t been able to launch because of the time/money/energy story.  There are effective, heart-led strategies and systems that will make you jump out of bed to greet your inner sales person every day with joy!

Module #5
Generating The Fascination Factor

People study and buy from those whom they find fascinating.  We are going to get crystal clear on what makes you fascinating, how to elevate that and share it with the world to support you in becoming the attraction magnet and divine force to be danced with!

Module #6
Elevating Your Premium Platform

You’re going to learn to build and expand your elevated platform in alignment with your brand and in positioning you as the amazing and fascinating authority that you are.  Imagine the opportunities that you attract as a result!

Module #7
Leveraging The Power Of Proximity

The reality is that your circle and connections impact other dots and connections that determine how quickly you move your purpose in the direction of your choosing.  I’m going to teach you how to do this with ease and grace, while commanding amazing opportunities to you!

Module #8
Using Momentum To Create Effortless Impact

Money and business love speed.  When energy is harnessed from this dynamic process in the ways that I reveal in this module, it creates effortless momentum and frees your energy to focus on income-generating activities and expansion!  How cool is that?

Module #9
Money Mastery For Empire Builders

Who you were to reach your latest money milestone will also keep you stuck at your current income ceiling until we shake things up, create money paradigm shifts in your mindset and adopt new, effective empire building routines and practices.  This is a whole other level of money mastery - hang on to your seat!

Module #10
Business Blisscipline

Business is no fun when it’s work or when we’re not celebrating our growth and expansion.  It’s challenging to remain disciplined in dealing with the less exciting things, but…..when we don’t we have anything other than business bliss.  In this module, you’ll learn the effective tips and tricks that help you stay on top of the must’s and how’to’s from a place of blisscipline (Rather than the heaviness of discipline) so that you can shift out of to-do list burnout and into infinite creating!

It’s time to stop waiting for the NEXT LEVEL to appear, and take aligned action.  It’s NOT going to magically appear BUT you can create it with ease if you’re ready to work your magic with these 10 essential keys!

Here’s what you receive in the NEXT LEVEL:

  • 10 one hour LIVE group training calls each month so that you’re clear on where to focus your time and efforts, plus recordings ($5000 value)
  • 10 one hour LIVE group hotseat calls where I’m going to laser in on exactly what you need to do next, in bite-sized , but hugely impactful ways, plus recordings ($5000 value)
  • 10 one LIVE Group Laser Coaching and Q & A to really get to the heart of where to go next, how to get there, and the mindset and actions required to do so ($5000 value)
  • 1 half day 1:1 virtual planning day with yours truly where we’ll map out your big projects to accelerate you to your next level ($5000 value)
  • 2 in-person 2 day planning retreats where we’re going to have fun diving deep into what needs to be released and called in to move your biz to the next level (think strategy + how-to’s + big thinking + fun = massive transformation and results ($15000)
  • lifetime access to a private group forum where you’ll receive all of the tools that you need, plus networking, PLUS weekly e-coaching from me ($2000 value)
  • access to my rolodex of industry leaders and go-to service providers that I’ve spent ooodles of time, money, and energy curating ($3000 value)
  • BONUS practical, strategic training from leading experts to move you to the next level (priceless)

The total value of THE NEXT LEVEL is over $50,000, but your investment to grow your business to your next level WITH all the high-level support, guidance, and high-value training only HALF that.

Investment? $25K paid in full or 12 monthly payments of $2147

You’re welcome to take advantage of the generous payment plan (and many do) - don’t forget that when you pay in full, you receive 2 private coaching calls with me (I never off this) where we can focus on whatever is necessary to create your next level with ease, joy and flow!  

Ready to get started?  Awesome!

Once we receive your application, if we feel that we can support your goals, we’ll reach out to schedule a call to make learn more about what your next level looks like, what’s been preventing you from calling it, and exploring whether this program is a fit for you, and what other recommendations we may be able to offer you.

If you’re having nigglies, remember:

a) there is never a perfect time to up level; in fact, there is nothing convenient about unleveling, but we do it anyways because our commitment to the expansion of our purpose far outweighs the energy we give to the monkeys playing tricks in our mind

b) when we invest in our up level, the money always appears, plus you’re already going to map out how to make your investment back a gazillion-fold during our time together

c) nercitedness (mostly excitement with a side order of nervousness) is the sweet spot for growth

d) nigglies can be turned into gigglies in a nano-second

e) everything great happens outside of your comfort zone

f) you have nothing to lose by applying for a NEXT LEVEL assessment, and potentially everything to gain

P.S.  It is my mission to empower others to reawaken their abundance threshold. I would love for you to support me in my mission by forwarding this invitation to your friends and loved ones so that they can receive the full benefit of this powerful call. Choose to be the torch that lights another’s flame!


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