The 22 Essential Keys You Must Master to Align to the New Feminine Economy

Isn't it time that you amp up your wealth consciousness to align to the feminine economy?


This is a must-have training that I’ve used to help others generate multiple 6 figures or more year after year AND the formula that I’ve used to acquire more than $20M in assets in less than 10 months (yes, you read that right). This webinar is for anyone who is truly ready to anchor an abundance mindset and create their life from a place of limitless potential while helping more people!

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kim-sarrasin“Each time I speak with Jennifer, I walk away with a new way to improve my business, a better way to deal with personal matters or another physical challenge disappears. Along with being an expert guide for all areas of my own life, I also felt so fortunate to have experienced Jennifer “in action” recently while I witnessed her personally coach 20 successful female entrepreneurs with her profound insights and words of wisdom.“Every piece of advice she gave to each of these women was completely bang on. I found myself watching in awe – I don’t know if she was aware of this – but you could have heard a pin drop in the room every time Jennifer shared (generously) her “gems” of information that she continually downloaded with each individual.

“Jennifer’s speed and ability to read people and laser in on exactly what words are required so that they are then able to experience their transformation is unparalleled and surpasses any other expert, guru or leader that I have met in my life time.

“I’ve been in the fortunate position of meeting many influential people in my life – millionaires, captains of industry and celebrities, but I have never in my life met anyone who can command such a powerful, yet gentle presence like Jennifer.

“Jennifer is a rare and special woman who I feel is the healer to be “watching for” as her knowledge, healing abilities and heart are all the mark of a woman who will most assuredly be enjoying a well deserved, meteoric rise to fame and success.”

Kim Sarrasin
The Queen of Hearts™

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