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Wealth Blueprint Program

Miracle-rich Wealth Activations, Alignments, and Encodements

Ready to finally have a permanent lovefest with money and START receiving the exact energies YOU need to fully activate and align to YOUR wealth blueprint (and live your most abundant life)?

Dear Fellow Lightworkers, Change Agents, Luminaries, and Souls on a Mission,

woman-with-money-300x199You found your way to this page because there is a HUGE part of you that is finally ready to stop blaming/shaming/guilting/judging yourself around money (that is sooooo old paradigm) and START allowing and receiving wealth on all levels, in a way that is in alignment with YOUR path and YOUR unique wealth blueprint.

There are so many energies that we’re not even aware of that impact our relationship to money, whether it shows up, whether it sticks around, and whether we can be an infinite generator of it!

Because no one is really addressing that (until now), you’ve likely been shaming yourself for things that are out of your control and buying into a whole host of illusions about you, about money, and about your capacity to handle money, that have been projected onto you.

They don’t belong to you.
They are projections.
They are illusions.
And yet…..they have a massive influence on your relationship with money.

If you knew how to stop the self-sabotaging, the feast or famine rollercoaster, the avoidance when you hit your upper limit, the ostrich-in-the-sand syndrome, and any other unconscious manifestations of your money pain, you would!

If you’re experiencing any or all of what I just shared, please know that you are not alone.

Would you like a permanent soul-ution to any misalignments to your uniquely divine wealth blueprint?

Where you’re 100% sure that you’re ready to close the chapter of your life where your money anxieties are dictating your day-to-day activities, emotions, and thoughts…….so you can joyfully stepping into soul-level wealth in all areas!

Where you’re readiness level is off the charts and you’re able to create what you desire!

The great news is I that there is only ONE DIVINE KEY that you haven’t activated (in other words, you no longer need to consume yourself with trying to figure out how they got the Caramilk all over your wealth blueprint).

Once you do activate this ONE DIVINE KEY, you can experience greater degrees of abundance and wealth, but….you need this ONE KEY, all the same, to create that for yourself.

If it’s not activated, not much will change with your current relationship with money.

When this ONE KEY isn’t activated, you continue to have money hiccups that interrupt the har-money in your life.

When you think about it, it’s actually pretty cool that you don’t need to follow a 37 step guide to creating wealth, or do headstands 8 hours a day, or go on a 48 day fast, or [fill in the blank].

You simply need to fully activate and align to ONE KEY – *your* unique wealth blueprint that was created for YOU at the inception of your soul which then allows you to create alignment on all levels of your being.

Once this blueprint is aligned, there is immense flow, harmony, peace and abundance available to you.

I’m going to make it easy-breezy for you and teach you EXACTLY what you need, while also facilitating some really deep and powerful energy activations and alignments that allow you to stay in receiving mode and, as a result, experience greater transformation. (I’ve done over 30,000+ Akashic Readings and taught 1000’s of healing classes – I’ve got you!)

It brings me such joy and gratitude to be able to facilitate this soulful wealth alignment with you and for you!

Here are the miracle-rich wealth activations, alignments, and encodements that you’ll receive!

  • Permanently clear out all interference with your soul’s blueprint and your wealth blueprint to allow the divine truth to shine through and for alignment to occur
  • Comprehensive activation and alignment of your language of light to be in complete harmony with your wealth blueprint
  • Alignment to powerful wealth gateways beyond this dimension for greater magnification of universal wealth on its way to you
  • Co-creation of multi-dimensional wealth channels specific to your wealth blueprint
  • Expand your capacity to receive wealth exponentially so that you are constantly tapping into your infinite pot of gold!
  • Money mastery and manifestation encodements
  • Alignment with universal truths about money
  • Powerfully connecting into to the consciousness of your wealth blueprint
  • Along with so many other money miracles.

If you’re still wondering about the types of miracle-rich changes that you can expect, check out what these awe-mazing souls had to share about working with me in creating more wealth:

“Before coaching with Jennifer, I was yearning for my business to grow but didn’t really know where to start other than offering the best personal consultations I could and believing that the Universe would supply everything else! I loved what I did with individual clients but was not in a real relationship with my business. I was not directing my intentions to how I wanted to show up, what kinds of clients I wanted to work with and how my business would serve me. Just the act of signing up for HCBI was significant for me. It was me saying that I was ready to grow, show up in a way that is aligned to my soul’s purpose and put focused attention on my business. I learned how to consciously connect to my soul’s essence not just when I was working with a client, but in all aspects of life, and especially in my business. I began to connect with my business and now see it as an extension of me in the world. This perspective shift is changing how my business appears to my clients. The clients I’m attracting are now even more committed to making changes, because I’m no longer toe-dipping into my business. They are a joy to work with, as is my business. The number of people interested in what I do and how I can assist has grown. I see so much changing in how I relate to my business and how it is responding, helping me to grow as a teacher, guide, speaker and highly conscious entrepreneur. I’m very excited to see what else I create in this new partnership.”

Alicia Issacs Howes

“Working with Jennifer has reinvented my life in profound and unexpected ways. Never did I imagine I could encounter a resource well-versed in universal wisdom and grounded in reality at the same time. It is Jennifer’s gift to take vast energetic principals and present them in a succinct and sophisticated way which makes them easy to apply, not only in business but in all areas of life.

Before working with Jennifer I continuously sought ways to break through the unseen forces keeping me from my fullest expression. Jennifer had the ability to see into my deepest recesses and surgically shift energy patterns that have been putting the brakes on in my life since I can remember.

Not only has Jennifer shifted energy on my behalf but she has empowered me with effective skills to do so for myself and my clients, paving the way for successful co-creation all around.

Professionally, Jennifer’s comprehensive and diverse business knowledge, coupled with her expertise around wealth and money has catapulted my practice and platform to new heights. Her systems and strategies are authentic and feminine in nature yet highly effective and productive. Applying them has greatly amplified my confidence, clarity and impact as a light worker.

I feel infinitely grateful and honored to have Jennifer beside me. Her gentle yet firm guidance is a sacred gift lined with a solid sense of integrity and killer dose of humor. This woman WILL change your life guaranteed, don’t hesitate to dive in if you are presented with the great blessing of working with her. You will not regret or forget the ride!”

Bec Robbins, Life’s Purpose and Co-Creation Coach
Founder My Mandala™ Manifestation Method


“Each time I speak with Jennifer, I walk away with a new way to improve my business, a better way to deal with personal matters or another physical challenge disappears. Along with being an expert guide for all areas of my own life, I also felt so fortunate to have experienced Jennifer “in action” recently while I witnessed her personally coach 20 successful female entrepreneurs with her profound insights and words of wisdom.

Every piece of advice she gave to each of these women was completely bang on. I found myself watching in awe – I don’t know if she was aware of this – but you could have heard a pin drop in the room every time Jennifer shared (generously) her “gems” of information that she continually downloaded with each individual.

Jennifer’s speed and ability to read people and laser in on exactly what words are required so that they are then able to experience their transformation is unparalled and surpasses any other expert, guru or leader that I have met in my life time.

I’ve been in the fortunate position of meeting many influential people in my life – millionaires, captains of industry and celebrities, but I have never in my life met anyone who can command such a powerful, yet gentle presence like Jennifer.

Jennifer is a rare and special woman who I feel is the healer to be “watching for” as her knowledge, healing abilities and heart are all the mark of a woman who will most assuredly be enjoying a well deserved, meteoric rise to fame and success.”

Kim Sarrasin
The Queen of Hearts™

"Working with Jennifer has been such a blessing! With her help, it was possible to discover my soul’s purpose and my archetype. I finally feel at home with my meaning.

With her loving support, I was able to truly step into my purpose and structure a business that I love and that allows me to help other people in a profitable way.

My self-worth has increased and I smashed the money blocks that I had, getting over plateaus and gaining a new confidence and clarity.

After a year of working with her, I truly manifested the life and business that I always dreamed of! I was able to sell two houses (one of them was on the market for ages),

relocate from Italy to Sweden with maximum ease, find a wonderful new house and great schools for my kids.

Knowing that she was there, cheering for me and supporting me made all the difference. I definitely suggest working with her if you really want to make effective improvements to your work and life.”

Beatrice Lugano

The program begins on Wednesday, July 18th and all calls will be held on Wednesdays from 4:00pm - 5:30pm Eastern. 

ACTIVATE YOUR WEALTH BLUEPRINT is well over a $3000 value, and while I could easily charge that and receive a flood of enrollments from souls eager to receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’m a BIG fan of making it realllllly easy for you to say YES!!! to the transformation that you knowing is tugging at you heart and soul strings. Your investment starts at ONLY $997 with payment plans available!

How does it get any more miraculous than that?!

If you’re ready to release money shame once and for all, finally claim what is waiting for you in your divine wealth blueprint and create the abundant life you know deep in your soul that you were destined for, then be sure to save your sacred seat right away so that the energies can already begin shifting you!

YES! Enroll me in the Activate YOUR Wealth Blueprint Program!


  • 1

    SIX 1 hour LIVE sacred training sessions in the Akashic Records, facilitated by yours truly as listed above. All calls are recorded for your convenience ($1500 value)

  • 2

    SIX 30 min LIVE Q&A calls ($750 value)

  • 3

    Lifetime access to sacred group forum where all of your call details, recordings, updates, templates and *invaluable* e-coaching are provided ($1000 value)


  • 1

    SIX 1 hour LIVE sacred training sessions in the Akashic Records, facilitated by yours truly as listed above. All calls are recorded for your convenience ($1500 value)

  • 2

    SIX 30 min LIVE Q&A calls ($750 value)

  • 3

    Lifetime access to sacred group forum where all of your call details, recordings, updates, templates and *invaluable* e-coaching are provided ($1000 value)

  • 4

    FIVE 45min private 1:1 Akashic Records Readings with me to further personalize your experience ($3000 value)


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Looking forward to supporting you on your wealth journey!

Rich, abundant blessings,