So you can finally live the stress-free, joyful, and financially abundant life you’ve been searching for.

Here’s just some of what you can expect in this life-enhancing course:

  • Reveal why you are here, and what you are destined to do in life by using my personal discovery processes (included inside)

  • Achieve the Stress-Free lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of – this is only achieved through my secret methods I will be sharing.

  • Become a positive ora of pure joy, loving every second of your life and living to it’s absolute fullest.

  • Finally wipe away your personal doubts, demons, and concerns for good–and never have to worry about them again.


What if I told you...

What if I told you that I could give you the methods to reveal your Soul’s Purpose, discover exactly why you’re here, and what you were destined to do within this life…

All so you can live the stress-free and joyful path that you’ve been craving?

Align with Your Soul’s Purpose

The Mind The Mind The Mind The Mind

Here’s what you can expect to discover in this life-enriching free course:

  • Purpose

    How to align with your soul’s purpose and reveal exactly WHY you are here

  • Method

    The method to unlocking your library of every memory, moment, and secret in yourlife (that you can literally view at will)

  • Awaken

    Awaken your divine gifts and talents that have been lying dormant inside you (until now)

  • Clarity

    Gain full clarity of yourself, your purpose, and opening your door to virtually limitless opportunities.

I will give you all the steps you need to create your stress-free, joyful, and financially abundant life.

This system will give you all the tools you need to get started down the path of self-mastery.
Finally unlock your new and amazing life with this training series. Discover WHY you’re here, and reveal what you are DESTINED to do within this life – and finally possess the stress-free and joyful soul you’ve been searching for.

Success Stories

Bec Robbins

Founder, My Mandala™ Manifestation Method

Working with Jennifer has reinvented my life in profound and unexpected ways. This woman WILL change your life guaranteed, don’t hesitate to dive in if you are presented with the great blessing of working with her. You will not regret or forget the ride!

Baljit Rayat


Before partnering with Jennifer my life was filled with anxiety and fear and I felt like something was missing but didn’t know what. With her empowering guidance, I took 'the leap' and moved across country to live in the location of my dreams and opened my own full-time healing practice. For the first time, I can now envision living beyond my wildest dreams and that feels absolutely liberating!

Kiyla Fenell

Creator of The Ultimate Staffing Success System

Jennifer provides the 'eyes' you need to skillfully and precisely make good business decisions and to help eliminate confusion. Jennifer Longmore will help you break through to the pinnacle of what you want to achieve in business.

Mary van de Wiel

Chief Brand Therapist

Jennifer is, without question, one of the most authentic, engaging and energizing visionaries I know. Not only is she highly gifted, she's warm, mindful and absolutely delightful. I love working with her. It's that simple.

Kim Sarrasin

The Queen of Hearts™

Each time I speak with Jennifer, a better way to deal with personal matters or another physical challenge disappears. I have never in my life met anyone who can command such a powerful, yet gentle presence like Jennifer.

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