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The world’s leading one-stop shop for all things soul purpose. Serving over 100,000 souls in over 100 countries around the globe, we are your #1 place to learn how to read your Akashic Records, align to your purpose, heal you money story and raise your wealth consciousness, and even create your purpose-driven business (if that’s what you choose). Whether you need divine guidance on purpose, relationship, healing your money story, or creating a thriving conscious business, we’re here to help with our wide range of transformational coaching programs and miracle-rich products!

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Mary van de Wiel

“Jennifer is, without question, one of the most authentic, engaging and energizing visionaries I know. I’d call her not only an extraordinary heart-felt healer, I’d also call her a master of interpreting clues. She’s able to zero in on the invisible, the unseen and the unspoken and then, almost effortlessly, bring it all to life putting it in the spotlight and giving it meaning and a voice.”


Mary van de Wiel, (aka Van) Chief Brand Therapist

Navneet Singh

“I was always looking for answers to the many questions I had but I could never find them. That is until a friend suggested I contact Jennifer. At that time I did not know much about the Akashic Records but after one session, I knew I had found the key to getting the answers I was looking for.”


Navneet Singh

Tania Gabrielle

“Wow, is all I can say about Jennifer. She is the most amazing channel. I was so deeply moved by the reading with her. Jennifer’s amazing ability to see my records so clearly, focus on exactly what I was seeking from within and needing to clarify and heal, support me by navigating the deeper essence of my questions – by often pre-empting them – and doing so with such wisdom, serenity, love”


Tania Gabrielle

Kathy Karlander

“I want to thank you with all of my heart and soul for the work that you have done with me, and what you do for the world. I am usually pretty good at doing my own inner work, but I have to say that you have such a way of finding that which is hidden, even from a seasoned seeker such as myself. Your Light shines so brightly you can’t help but to illuminate that which is deeply hidden within the subconscious minds of all you work with.”


Kathy Karlander, Author, Teacher, Healer


“Since working with Jennifer, I have moved beyond past limitations surrounding fear. I am becoming all that I am meant to be. My mental, physical and spiritual bodies are now in alignment with my divine blueprint. I noticed powerful results after just one session with her, and I even noticed changes in my ability to manifest my thoughts.”


Nicole, Teacher

Elizabeth Purvis

“Jennifer has a habit of blowing my mind. As a mentor and coach, it is my mission to empower women to become as financially RICH – i.e., real dollars in the bank account – as they are spiritually rich. For that, we need models. And there are few women out there who actually embody spiritual wealth like Jennifer. I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk and I’ve experienced her money magic myself.”


Elizabeth Purvis

Joanna Lindenbaum

“Jennifer Longmore has been a friend and colleague of mine for nearly 8 years now, and just through knowing her I have always known how powerful and transformational her work is. But over the last month I decided to hire Jennifer to support me with the amazing energetic and Akashic records work that she does, and it has blown me away.”


Joanna Lindenbaum

Janne Edney

“If you’re reading this you’re ready to change your life. The 10-week Heal Your Money Story: Money +ACY Relationships course with Jennifer Longmore was a complete game-changer for me and not just as it relates to my relationship with money. Jennifer teaches that money is one of our greatest healers that certainly was the case for me. As the weeks flew by, I realized that my either/or belief about money was impacting every relationship in my life.”


Janne Edney, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Bec Robbins

“Working with Jennifer in the Spiritual Visionary Program has reinvented my life in profound and unexpected ways. Never did I imagine I could encounter a resource well-versed in universal wisdom and grounded in reality at the same time. It is Jennifer’s gift to take vast energetic principals and present them in a succinct and sophisticated way which makes them easy to apply, not only in business but in all areas of life.”


Bec Robbins, Life’s Purpose and Co-Creation Coach Founder My Mandala Manifestation Method


“This is a celebratory update. Although I’ve only listened to the first 4 HCBI calls the energetic shifts have been so powerful I’ve been spending time doing the administrative work to keep up. And here is the celebration: Since my last post I’ve connected to the perfect investor group who has not only contributed capital to my business, they are providing me with powerful operational support, resources, and connections to grow into a national brand.So I am doing my happy dance and celebrating all the wonderful changes. ”


L.K. Owner of thriving product-based business

Baljit Rayat

“Before partnering with Jennifer my life was filled with anxiety and fear and I felt like something was missing but didn’t know what. I was really motivated to live my life joyfully with Freedom and Power, but had no idea in how to access it or what my soul’s purpose was. Since working with her, my life is 100-percent better than before. I noticed powerful results after just 2 sessions with her, and I even noticed changes in my physical features and my confidence. I can now envision living beyond my wildest dreams.”


Baljit Rayat Healer

Manpreet Dhillon

“Soon I started the training and started to access my records through the Soul Journeys method. Since my journey with the akashic records, I found my journey to shift many things in my life from my beliefs about values, worthiness, self love and how I showed up in the world. I went from being a wall that was tough to connect with to being in my goddess self.”


Manpreet Dhillon

Melanie Sylla

“The first time I entered my Akashic Records, I experienced an intense feeling of reconnection and belonging. I was exactly where I was meant to be. After practicing for some time on my own, I asked my Guides to lead me to the perfect mentor who would support me in going deeper and live my life more fully. The very next day, someone I highly respect introduced me to Jennifer’s work.”


Melanie Sylla


“Working with Jennifer Longmore has changed my life in many wondrous and miraculous ways. As a person who seemingly had it together and had it all in life, I was empty, unhappy, and lost. I hated my day-to-day life and even resented my success which enabled me to continue on a path I didn’t want to be on. I couldn’t understand how I could feel so lost, despite the fact that I was doing everything that was expected of me.Working with Jennifer has helped me become the person I truly am intended to be.”


Julia, Entrepreneur

Milada Sakic

“Before partnering with Jennifer my daily anxieties, fears and lack of clarity were actively compromising my health and wellbeing. I experienced an emotional and physical burnout in 2001 that exhausted my energy and left me with more questions than answers. I finally understand the meaning of oneness and healing on every level of human being, and not just dealing with symptoms. Most importantly however I can apply it in my life. ”


Milada Sakic


” When Jennifer sent me the outline of the HCBI course, I was not sure that it would be of any use to me. I did, however, know that at some point in the future I would begin my own small home business. So I decided to take this course for this reason. Throughout the course, I could not get over how much valuable information there was for us to use. I don’t know where Jennifer finds all the energy to teach so many different courses, but believe me, she has more then enough for all of us.”



Rose G.

“With your gentle guidance and help I feel like I’m finally able to make the the important decisions in my life that I have been avoiding and too scared to make. Every time I speak with you I receive a dose of courage and strength as well as more truth and clarity and direction as to what I should do next to further better myself and my current life situation. I am finally starting to feel like I am important and worthy enough to do the things in my life that serve me (I love that).”


Rose G.


” I met Jennifer late in 2005 and felt an immediate soul connection an indescribable peace and homecoming. At that time, I was financially in debt, utterly lost, broken in spirit, closed down emotionally, and out of touch with my soul. I had hit bottom. Jennifer’s natural ability to nurture, comfort, guide and heal allowed me to open up and completely turn my life around. I am truly grateful for such a gifted soul on this planet. I could never have achieved such profound growth and healing.”


S.C., Sales/Healer


“Dr. Phil tells us that we meet five to seven people in our lives who are instrumental in changing the direction our lives are going. For me, Jen Longmore will always be one of those people. With her guidance and assistance, I know that I am heading in a more positive direction with new awakenings. Jen has the ability to impart the necessary data to get her information to her client. She is open, positive and someone I respect greatly.”


S.T., Former Teacher

Susan Kyle

“Before partnering with Jennifer my life lacked direction and purpose. I had recently been fired from a well paying job that I no longer enjoyed. I was depressed, overweight and my physical, emotional and spiritual health was suffering. Since working with Jennifer my life is now 100% better than before I began working with her. I noticed powerful results in just 3 sessions with her, and even noticed changes in my health – a 70 lb weight loss (over time), no more anti-depressants, and a positive shift in my attitude.”


Susan Kyle

Chiara LaRizza

“Before partnering with Jennifer, my life was very unsettled, my self-esteem and acceptance at an all time low, my relationships unfulfilling. I was in emotional turmoil, stress, uncertainty and indecision and was diagnosed with a tumour. Since working with her, my life has completely shifted in all areas. Jennifer has helped clarify my life path.”


Chiara LaRizza

Daniel R.

“Before coaching with Jennifer, my business was stagnant. Since working with her, I’ve noticed many more opportunities coming to my door. A definite change not only in sales but quality of clients. I noticed powerful results after just a few sessions with her. She has definitely helped clear a path for prosperity and success with what I am looking to achieve.”


Daniel R., Entrepreneur


“Each time I speak with Jennifer, I walk away with a new way to improve my business, a better way to deal with personal matters or another physical challenge disappears. Along with being an expert guide for all areas of my own life, I also felt so fortunate to have experienced Jennifer ‘in action’ recently while I witnessed her personally coach 20 successful female entrepreneurs with her profound insights and words of wisdom.”



Kiyla Fenell

“Jennifer Longmore helps the high achieving entrepreneur attain increased levels of success with her quick perception, understanding and laser-sharp insight into your business. Jennifer provides the ‘yes’ you need to skillfully and precisely make good business decisions and to help eliminate confusion. She is sensitive to every individual situation and provides NON cookie-cutter solutions for your unique and unconventional needs. Jennifer Longmore will help you break through to the pinnacle.”


Kiyla Fenell, Creator of The Ultimate Staffing Success System

Kaylie Simone

“Working with Jennifer Longmore has been one of the best decisions of my life! She holds a powerful and expansive space for you to just be exactly who you are and accelerate your business as a result of it.

Before I started working with Jennifer I was bumping up against upper limit pretty hard and had fallen into a bit of a funk trying to reach my next level. After the first couple of months my client attraction blew through the roof and my income did a massive 800% increase from the month before working with her.

Jennifer I’m eternally grateful for finding you and being your client! Lots of love .”


Kaylie Simone

Dana Wilde

“Jennifer Longmore was a joy to interview.  She is prepared, easy-going, and she knows her stuff!  I would recommend her to any podcast host who is looking for a guest who is knowledgeable, likable, and gives tips that are solid and implementable.”


Dana Wilde, Host of The Mind Aware Show and Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain

Ande Anderson

“Jennifer Longmore is an incredible teacher who has the ability to help people develop the mindset of wealth and abundance so they can shift their life for the better. We had a deep, meaningful conversation about healing one’s money story during her talk on the Be Confident Online Conference and our audience really resonated with her message. I love that she’s so real, personable and down-to-earth! Jennifer explains complex concepts in an easy way and she gave our audience so many great tools to help them build their self-confidence, which will help them in all areas of the their personal and work lives and propel them to become greater leaders!”


Ande Anderson, Co-Founder of AVAIYA & Enlightenment Village (

JuliAnn Stitick

“Jennifer is brilliant business strategist and has an innate ability to weave energy, alignment and mindset throughout for accelerated results.  I’ve experienced her brilliance myself and have witnessed her strategizing with several other high level entrepreneurs – she really needs to be on your business strategy dream team”


JuliAnn Stitick

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