In this podcast episode, Jennifer speaks to us about the ways that we can align into our greater purpose. This is what the last few months have really been touching upon. We’re gaining clarity on what we value and what we don’t. We’re feeling a deeper, sacred calling. Everything we’ve experienced in our life has been for this moment to usher in a new paradigm. We’re in the midst of making history as we straddle two worlds right now. 

This episode is not necessarily new information but it’s going to land differently today as you are a different person than just even a few months ago. We all ask ourselves—what’s the meaning of my life? What am I here to contribute? What is my purpose and how can I share it?

This episode will help you to address those questions and give you some insight as to how to move forward.


  • “We often manifest something that we need to heal so that we can be our own healer.”
  • Turning healing into a full-time job distracts us from our real purpose. 
  • What we focus on expands. 
  • Focusing on what’s right frees the energy for us to just be – which is why we came here. 
  • There’s always a spiritual root cause to any physical issue in the body. 
  • A healer doesn’t actually heal people. 
  • Healing is always a choice – we have free will. 
  • Our ability to heal and every healing opportunity we’re given, has a silver lining. 
  • We are all a work of art in progress. 
  • Focus on the journey rather than the destination. 
  • It’s going to take us several years to shift out of this particular journey.
  • Why it’s essential to be present in this moment.
  • Rest assured, ultimately, light wins. 
  • The importance of spreading light each day. 
  • We are already loved, respected and accepted – we just need to remember this. 
  • Abandon is just an illusion. 
  • Question things instead of rather thinking that you have all the answers. 
  • Time is an illusion. 
  • The universal truth is always going to run the show. 
  • Our bodies have their own consciousness and purpose – they’re a partner on this journey. 
  • Be here now. 
  • Make the most out of this finite experience. 
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