Alyse Bacine is a Philadelphia based breathworker and psychic healer, creator of The Metamorphosis manifestation journey and The Ascension breathwork facilitator training experience. Alyse uses her psychic abilities to tap into your energy to see exactly what is holding you back and then guides you to release old beliefs and stuck energy through a simple breathing technique. 

Alyse is extremely passionate about guiding people to radical healing and transformation. It is Alyse’s mission on this planet to guide people to activate their ascension and live their soul’s purpose.

Alyse has been practicing breathwork for 20 years, she studied with Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, Tony Lo Mastro, Maureen Malone and Rhonda Levand. Additionally, Alyse has a Masters Degree in School Counseling and has developed a Meditation Program and Curriculum for Middle School Students. Alyse is also a certified Yoga Teacher, wife, and mom of two.


  • “Breathwork is the key to helping everyone.”
  • The importance in looking at your birth story and how that affects how you live your life. 
  • “This is a time for us to raise our frequency. It’s time to step into a new level of aliveness.”
  • How to use the breath to step into a deeper, fuller expression of ourselves. 
  • The breathwork technique that she uses with her clients – conscious connected breathing – a circular breath technique. 
  • “Nothing is ever going to come up (in a session) that you can’t handle.”
  • What the lungs represent on an ascension level.
  • How to navigate being in awareness but not overconsuming information. 
  • Alyse’s morning breath ritual. 
  • How she navigates wearing a mask. 
  • How to handle the Great Awakening when our partners aren’t on the same page. 
  • Ask yourself – “Where can I love myself even more?”
  • Focus on your partner doing something right at least 3 times a day. 
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