Andrea is an architect, college professor and founder of AKA Architecture + Design, an all-female architecture firm in Los Angeles.

She specializes in Sacred Geometry, Pattern Language and the meaning of Symbols. She has worked on four continents and speaks six languages. 

Four D Design is a holistic system of Conscious Design practices for advanced sustainability.

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  • The behind the scenes of reality TV.
  • “Authenticity matters.”
  • The misconceptions that we’ve been told about style.
  • “Style is just a narrative— just a story.”
  • “We really should see why we’re attracted to things and see it for what it is, so we’re not throwing money at things that aren’t truly aligned.”
  • We’ve been programmed to like certain things. 
  • Where to start with optimizing your home for it to embody your beliefs and feel aligned.
  • The importance of clearing your space.
  • Why it’s good to move objects around in your home.
  • How to modify the pieces in your home so they feel more aligned.
  • “As soon as you start to establish geometry, then you’re showing your intention.”
  • How to translate what you like into your space.
  • Having a conversation with the pieces in your home and how to listen to your furniture. 
  • Why Andrea’s whole business changed when she arranged her living room. 
  • “Let your home take care of you.”
  • How to live off the grid and the influence of sacred geometry. 
  • What does 4D Design mean?
  • Why home improvement reality shows want you to feel bad about your home. 
  • “We fix things with our dollars.” (which is what reality TV wants you to do)
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