This incredible business tool uses my sacred business planning process to help you achieve your juicy vision, attract success & infinite wealth, and will help you break your goals down into simple, achievable daily steps. If you’re ready to launch your own sacred biz or take your purpose-filled business to the next level, this journal is a must!

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Divine Guidance From The Akashic Records: Your Essential Blueprint For Living A Spiritual Life In A Human Body

As we go through life, many of us find ourselves faced with questions and challenges that we don’t always feel we have the answers for. You are certainly not in the minority if you’ve ever wished that there was a road map, some guidebook to life that might make navigating some of these challenges a bit easier. Such thoughts, though, are usually dismissed as wishful thinking, but actually, that is not true at all. You can utilize the Akashic Records to access limitless divine guidance and healing. By accessing your Records, you will gain crystal clarity about how you receive divine messages and how to best integrate this wisdom into your everyday life. The problems and challenges that you face will seem far less daunting when you are able to clear any and all limiting patterns and energy blocks that are ultimately holding you back from being all that you are. “Divine Guidance From The Akashic Records: Your Essential Blueprint For Living A Spiritual Life In A Human Body” is the perfect book to guide you on how to tend to your body’s consciousness, navigate planetary energies, embody peace, re-discover your divine gifts and talents, cultivate and nurture relationships and shift limiting belief patterns to create what you really want!

365 Wisdom Bombs

This calendar is the ultimate spiritual tool you need for manifesting, becoming an attraction magnet, practicing gratitude, achieving infinite wealth & abundance, and SO much more! Each day includes a divine wisdom bomb from Jennifer that will help inspire you, activate your energy, and amplify your manifestations so that you can take one small step towards living your soul’s purpose every day. The 365 Wisdom Bomb calendar includes 12 spiritually aligned themes (1 new energized theme per month) and 365 wisdom bombs (one for each and every day). This is the perfect fix for getting your daily dose of spiritually aligned wisdom, and it makes a thoughtful and sacred gift for the spiritual minded friend in your life!

Quantum Leap for the Soul: Manifesting Miracles Through the Power of Co-Creation

When we feel imbalanced, it is often because our cellular memory is storing trauma or pain on some level, whether it be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, or some combination of all four. But to become aligned means more than just returning to center and balancing ourselves. It also means that we prepare for the future: our future selves, our future fortunes, and what our future harvests will be. This book is for those who are interested in really studying the steps it takes, exploring the thoughts behind my training audios, and really applying themselves to this most fantastic of experiences soul acceleration through conscious co-creation.

Quantum Leap for the Soul: Accessing Superconsciousness

This book is your guide as you move from a practical understanding of the world around you and your place in it, to really having the ability to live your life as Superconsciousness, all the time. You will understand your relationship to the ultimate power (and yes, it is you), and you will be given the chance to integrate that understanding into your life as you practice conscious co-creation.

88 Universal Laws

Imagine having the power to tune in to the very laws in the universe that govern your physical experience as a spiritual being. 88 Universal Laws takes you through a powerful journey into what each law means so that you can learn how to partner with it in your day-to-day life. As a comprehensive guide to the realities beyond your human experience, you’re also guided through a series of deep, insightful exercises at the end of the book to support you in integrating what you’ve learned and how to apply that along your soul’s journey.

Heal Your Money Story

Money can be a touchy subject. If we have a lot of it, we often don’t feel comfortable talking about it, as we don’t want to come across as boastful. If we don’t have much, we likewise don’t want to discuss it as many people consider money to be one of the main measuring sticks of worth. Were afraid of being judged, were afraid of what other people are going to think. Often, only when our finances are in dire straits do we really begin to question what money is and what we can do to change our relationship with it. You may wish to cultivate a relationship with money that is free of stress and allows you to live a fulfilling, peaceful life.