Christelle Biiga is a former Corporate Executive, TV host, turned Spiritual Teacher, Expert Speaker, Radio and Podcast host.

She helps people let go of their illusions and fears, remember who they truly are and reconnect with the divine power within, so they can have a limitless human experience.

She’s also an Expert Speaker that has been featured on numerous podcasts and events. She’s the Savvy Networker Stage official host for Los Angeles and she hosts a weekly webcast called Real Talk Alignment at Speak Up and Empower and a radio show and podcast called Absolute Alignment with Christelle: when success feels easy.

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  • Her thoughts on racism / George Floyd and why she avoided speaking about it.
  • What the year has been like for her living in L.A.
  • Her word for 2020 and the emphasis it ended up having in her life.
  • “This year is a great year to be alive” – and her explanation why.
  • How she’s been guiding her clients through this time.
  • The first thing that she teaches her clients.
  • “Your answers are within yourself – breathe and wait for the answer. Fear will make you rush and make you make mistakes. Trust yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to your human brain.”
  • How she connects to her truth.
  • If it’s coming from the Divine, it’s safe.
  • You don’t need to pivot a single thing – all you need to do is amplify. 
  • Any time you have a person who really triggers you, you want to keep that person really close.
  • How to stop outsourcing our power.
  • It doesn’t matter how terrible this virus is – it matters HOW you FEEL about it. 
  • No matter where you’re at in life, you always have the opportunity to feel good. It’s all an illusion that you’re not safe. 
  • The moment you put your value on your accomplishments is the moment you’re not safe anymore. Stop putting your power on things outside of yourself.
  • Her peace protocol.
  • Why there is absolutely no reason to be afraid.
  • Why we need to remember that we are God. 
  • Her intuitive thoughts about the future.