Heal Your Money Story Certified Consultants

Jennifer Longmore

Founder, Master Teacher Trainer

Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leader in creating profitable, sustainable, highly-conscious businesses models for healers, visionaries, and spirit-based entrepreneurs. As an internationally-acclaimed radio host, healer, speaker, and author, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice several years ago and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same.

In her role as founder of the Soul Journeys Spiritual Leadership and Legacy Program and the Highly-Conscious Business Intensive, Jennifer teaches you how to apply these same principles of business energetics to expand beyond what you thought possible for yourself, so that you can anchor your vision through your business and serve more people with your unique gifts and a soul-centred entrepreneur.

Through high-level private and group coaching programs, Jennifer’s innate ability to visualize the entirety of your business and find your hidden jackpots that can yield instant returns of more than 1000% is unprecedented. Her laser-like focus and visionary mindset has catapulted entrepreneurs, just like you, through quantum leaps on all levels so that they can thrive in their purpose-based businesses beyond their wildest dreams! Ready to apply the power of business energetics right away. 

Reach out now to learn how Jennifer can support you in your entrepreneurial adventures so you can spread your message and leave a global imprint!

To learn more about how Jennifer can support you on your journey, contact her at jennifer@souljourneys.ca

Alicia Isaacs Howes

Director Of Learning and Development; Master Teacher and Consultant

Before taking the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program, I yearned to help others. I invested $1000s, time and energy in courses and books but nothing significant changed. I was holding back in business because how could I help others when I was still stuck? Since starting HYMS, my business has blossomed! I LOVE my increasing clients, services and opportunities as well as the happiness that come from living my purpose. My income has already doubled but this is about so much more than money!

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at connect@yoursoulstory.com

Pascale Landriault

Director of French Services; Certified Teacher and Consultant

Before starting the Heal Your Money Story Program with Jennifer, I was in a push-pull relationship with money, pulling it in, pushing it out, ignoring it, holding on to it, using it to make excuses, name it. Money was taking a lot of abuse from me.
With Jennifer’s teaching, coaching and healing around money, I became fully aware of my not so great relationship with money, and started releasing old patterns, family programming and the beliefs around money that weren’t serving me and that were preventing me from bringing as much of it into my life as I wanted to and making best use of it.

Thanks to the Heal Your Money Story Program, I am now no longer afraid of looking money in the eye and I know where I’m at in my business and my personal finances. I have transformed my relationship with money; money is now my friend and I treat it as such and it treats me as such. That doesn’t mean we don’t ever disagree but we are on good terms and we are communicating! I am at peace with money. I view it as a positive energy and as an infinite source. The scarcity mindset is giving place to an abundance mindset. As a result there is more flow, I am letting more money in, and I am no longer creating debt. Healing my money story has also helped me set clear boundaries around money in my business and create pricing strategies with integrity and in alignment with my services. I am so thrilled with these changes, the depth in which this program addressed them and the freedom that they bring, that I’ve decided to help others create the same.

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at pascale@menzacoaching.com

Kim Sarrasin

Certified Teacher and Consultant

As a soulmate success expert, it was heartbreaking to see how my clients’ money stories were creating blocks in their love life, unconsciously hoping for a man to save them in some way. Jennifer’s (amazing!) HYMS program brilliantly helped me to connect all the love and money dots providing perfect, powerful tools and exercises I could easily blend with my love tips, adding HUGE value and deeper healing for all those I serve. Jennifer is the cleanest, clearest channel I know, and I feel truly blessed to go deeper, and serve many more through her Teacher Training program.

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at info@attractyourking.com

Eva Lukacs

Certified Teacher And Consultant

Before the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program I felt I was the perfect model of living Ground Hog Day. Spending the last 25 years + searching in countless books, programs to see where I fit into this universe. Sound familiar?!

Jennifer’s amazing insight opened doorways of awareness and possibility. For the first time I stepped into life’s opportunities.

With HYMS I have seen powerful, positive changes in my life. I now enjoy sharing this new awareness and vitality for life with others. Are you ready to make the changes you’ve always dreamed of?

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at: etllukacs@yahoo.com

Heather Martin

Certified HYMS Coach

From spiritual intuitive to business career to creative artist, while I had experienced some success with the laws of manifestation, I found myself still succumbing to my own anxieties about the direction that my life would take. Reverting to my standard form of income was no longer an option that I could live with. It felt too small. And yet, I did not know how or when the new vocation would emerge. My income declined, I had no energy to push forward and I became very discouraged.

It was here that I met Jennifer Longmore. I was struck by her incisive assessments, her compassionate delivery and her integrity with spiritual principles. In the process of implementing her guidance in the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story program, not only has my income increased by 60%, but my view of the world has become filled with so much joy and happy synchronicities. I have been able to tap into a deep connection with Source, and feel a true sense of belonging. My relationships have improved exponentially, I found the perfect place to live and my intuitive-visionary capabilities have been enhanced as well. I whole-heartedly know that the Heal Your Money Story process works and it would be a joy to teach you the same principles so that you can live the life of your dreams, without ever having to deprive yourself again, because of a lack of money.

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at mysticham@yahoo.com

Manpreet Dhillon

Certified HYMS Coach

The Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program really allowed me to see how abundant I already was. Before taking the program, I was financially in debt and energetically depleted. The depletion was causing me a lot of pain and suffering. The program allowed me to see the abundance already present in life. I started to feel more alive consequently started to attract more money and opportunities into my life. Life became easier, income flowed in massively and I became a way better version of myself.

To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, contact me at manpreet@manpreetdhillon.com

Jeanette Dames

HYMS Certified Consultant

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, and Love Yourself, Heal Your Life teacher this coaching program fit perfectly into my life purpose. I was working hard doing the work that I loved but it never really brought in huge amounts of financial support.

The skills and insights I learned through completing the Soul Journeys HYMS course and being coached by Jennifer in the Highly Conscious Business Intensive changed everything in my life. Through the process of learning how to really Heal my Money Story I healed my love life, my living situation, the peace in my life became a constant and joy is my daily pleasure. These programs helped me change how I view everything in my life and the healing rippled through my entire life!

I became a Heal Your Money Story coach because I want everyone to have the peace that comes with understanding how to heal this often overwhelming issue, which affects every other part of their lives. Since I healed my money story, my income has tripled and honestly I am continually surprised at how it just keeps showing up.
Now I am dedicated to helping others learn how to live in this space. I love sharing this healing and helping bring peace, joy, love and abundance to others!
I feel joy every day and I no longer have the stress and worry in my life that actually keeps money away.

For more information please email me at angelcirclenw@gmail.com.

Sherri Simpson

Certified HYMS Coach

The Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program allowed me to see how I was allowing abundance in many areas of my life, but blocking it in the form of actual money in my bank account. It was safe for me to receive abundance in free meals, places to stay, amazing experiences and connections with like-minded people, but not safe, or spiritual, or right to receive actual dollars in my bank account.

Before taking the program, I was teaching the Universal Laws (including the wonderful Law of Attraction) and Manifestation, but I was dancing around actual money. I was holding myself separate from money and the deeper reasons why I was doing this totally eluded me. The dance was causing me to remain in a place of servitude, that was draining my energy, rather than allowing me to step into a place of confidence and empowerment where I could truly be of service.

The program allowed me to see my dance, and how I was the one keeping myself stuck. I was already abundant. I started to see how this dance was playing out in my other relationships, especially the ones I had with my self and the Universe. We’re in this magical place to co-create with the Universe and experience infinite abundance through choices and consequences, not to keep ourselves small.

If you’re ready to transform yourself and live more purpose and passion, contact me. I’m eager to guide you along your path: info@your-life-transformation.com

Rachelle Lopez

Certified HYMS Coach

I first learned about Jennifer and the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program when I needed to get clear on my own money story and how I was letting the story of my childhood affect my life as an adult. My original intent was to receive clarity in my money story, but once I started the program, I knew I had to complete the certification so I could help others stop their limiting patterns and heal their own stories.

Today, as a life coach for brides, many of the struggles I have seen my clients face is the idea that money is scarce and is prohibiting them from having the wedding of their dreams. By integrating HYMS in my coaching program I am able to help my clients get clear on how their money stories may be affecting not only their wedding but every aspect of their lives. There is so much to learn when you go deep into your money story and I am excited to share all that I know with you.

If you are planning to make a commitment to your life partner and feel that your money story may be holding you back from having the life you desire, then I’d love to help! To learn more, connect with me at www.weddingalchemist.com

Bessie Estonactoc M.A.

Certified HYMS Coach

As a Soul Purpose Coach and Hypnotherapist the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program was a no brainer for me to join to heal my own money story. I knew it was important for me to look money in the eye and see where my own blind spots were
to look at my relationship with money in a deeper way.

Before I started the program my viewpoint on money was ‘there was never enough’ and my mind, body and spirit was not aligned energetically with money. Jennifer Longmore’s program allowed me to see that abundance was really all around me and within me when I shifted my perspective. Rather than thinking small in my own ego mind, implementing strategies to align spiritual, practical concepts and tools expanded my relationship with money in bigger ways.

I have more of a respectful and intimate relationship with money and I see money as my partner in my life and in my business. I’ve been able to attract more abundance in my business and fruitful opportunities into my life. I’ve been able to let go of the ‘not enough’ mindset to ‘there is more than enough’, ‘I am enough’ and with this mindset I’ve become more free and I think expansively with confidence and courage.

I would be so honored to partner with you to teach you what I’ve learned in this program so that your relationship with you and money are more aligned and expansive, so you can live a life of more freedom to know ‘you are enough’ and that ‘there is more than enough’ money in
your life.

If what I resonates speaks to your soul, please reach out to me via email at: wishwithbessie@gmail.com I hope to hear from you!


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