Jennifer Longmore


Jennifer Longmore is North America’s leading Soul Purpose expert. As an internationally-acclaimed radio host, 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice. She is now best known for teaching healers, visionaries, and spirit-based entrepreneurs how to also create a profitable, sustainable, highly-conscious businesses model.

Jennifer’s contagious and radically different spiritual genetics approach to solving life’s big issues, sharing her wisdom and allowing others to summon their courage, and move beyond the status quo to a new set of expectations—comes from her own unlikely personal journey.

From being a baby in a crib seeing orbs of light, to a real life CSI investigator with torch aglow in hand visiting horrific crime scenes, to standing in the spotlight on a stage in front of thousands, Jennifer Longmore’s own life voyage has seen her transition after being involved in a tragic car accident which allowed her to reassess her own life and follow her true calling.

In recent times as North America and much of the developed world struggles financially, Jennifer has sharpened her focus on helping thousands to Heal Their Money Story and have greater abundance.

It is her belief that the results of how we view money, how much we acquire or push away, comes from deep routed DNA Money Cells that hold the key to the basic structure and function of our lives.

It is here that Jennifer, a master at helping others eradicate self-judgments and break conventions, takes the microscope to individuals, and helps to establish a new fingerprint and strong foundation for the building blocks of their lives leading to new comfort zones without fears and labels.



Through her former career as a forensic investigator and her experiences as a healer and intuitive guide, JenniferLongmore has learned a lot about human behavior and what motivates people to do what they do. She has seen individuals at their lowest ebb and witnessed how money troubles have unleashed turmoil in their lives.

Her transformative approach is to tackle the root cause of her clients’ problems, the subconscious and conscious beliefs that have created a dysfunctional relationship with money. By investigating each person’s money story Jennifer is able to unlock a lifetime of bad practices and behaviors, and provide spiritual soul-utions that make permanent changes.

Jennifer’s methods go much deeper than any business guide or investment program to remove the barriers that are really holding people back. To do so, Jennifer investigates how her clients created their own unique money story and the fears that continually fuel their negative thoughts, experiences, and behaviors in every aspect of their day-to-day living.

She reveals how principal relationships in a person’s life impact how they relate to money, and how that in turn affects their success levels and well-being. It is only through this rigorous, soul-searching and refreshingly honest process that solutions can be found.

Jennifer helps her clients to forge a healthy relationship with money, a connection that allows them to make better decisions about saving and investments and create room for greater abundance.

Her insights, guidance, and strategies lead her clients to a place where they are aligned with their soul’s purpose to live the fulfilling life of their dreams.


Our relationship with money is life-long. Yet most people aren’t taught how to deal with and relate to one of their most significant and important associations. Consequently, money is the fundamental cause of many of life’s most traumatic experiences—divorce, business failure, and family breakups.

Everybody has a money story, and most of it makes for bad reading. Jennifer has encountered countless souls who have a dysfunctional relationship with money and are trapped by their beliefs and misperceptions.

So she created a series of programs based on energy activations and powerful universal truths that make positive and permanent shifts in how people relate to money.

There are hundreds of systems out there that promise business success, yet many of those who have
purchased them are still not where they want to be. Heal Your Money Story is different as it goes direct to the source of the problem.

Jennifer acts as a spiritual mentor offering her clients a sacred space to learn, grow, and achieve their full potential. Her wisdom and guidance not only help people to heal their relationship with money, but all their relationships.

Her coaching courses reveal how money is a mirror for every relationship in life. She demonstrates exactly how to identify what is being reflected back, how to heal it create permanent money health and lasting wealth consciousness, loving, committed, deep relationships in all areas of life, and so
much more.

The miracle-rich content she has created shows people how they can break the chains with the past and free themselves from toxic relationships and beliefs that have held them back for so long.


It was such a gift to have Jennifer facilitate a series of magical evenings with our Conscious Divas community.In addition to providing practical wisdom that spoke to the core of all of those in attendance her approach provided an experience that was felt at a vibrational level. Many attendees commented on the positive shifts they continued to experience in the days and weeks that followed. I personally resonated with her ability to deliver powerful insights while being very innately driven based on the needs and energy of the room. We would love to welcome her back in the future.

Kate Muker

CEO, Conscious Divas

Mega-savvy and heart-centered describes Jennifer Longmore who was a guest on my Navigating Change Radio Show. She gave, gave, gave my audience practical tips they could immediately implement to
grow their business from the inside out. She was spot-on in her engagement with the audience and I would highly recommend her for any radio show with a small business audience. She’s brilliant!

Lisa Mininni

Best Selling Author / Business Systems Expert / Radio Host

Do you want to know your purpose? Who doesn’t?! Living your purpose is the only way to truly be fulfilled with peace and happiness. Jennifer is a gifted intuitive expert uniquely qualified to help anyone discover their true purpose. As a featured radio guest – she continues to receive rave reviews for a reason. Practical how to steps, with a personal radiance, guarantees Jennifer will be a hit with any speaking engagement, workshop or personal one on one coaching. Jennifer is the real deal – don’t miss the opportunity to experience your best life now!

Deb Scott, BA, CPC

Award Winning Author, Speaker

As founder of Positive Fabulous Women, I have hosted several speakers to hundreds of women, so I know a gifted speaker when I see one. I was so impressed with Jennifer’s ability to instantly engage the audience, capture everyone’s attention, and speak from such a powerfully authentic place. As I looked around the room, every member of the audience was on the edge of their seats, eager to participate and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer’s talk and her warm and graceful style. I can’t wait to have her back as one of our distinguished speakers.

Katia Millar

Founder, Positive Fabulous Women

As a guest speaker for Leading Ladies International, Jennifer delivered more than promised. She was a big hit with our audience of entrepreneurs our members sent in loads of feedback saying it was the best presentation they had ever heard on creating prosperity. Not only did Jennifer engage and inspire them, but her examples and warmth meant she was able to truly connect with our members and get them ready to take action. As the organiser I found Jennifer to be a true professional, easy to work with, well prepared, spoke clearly and fluently and was able to relate her examples and information to our members situations perfectly.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard

CEO, Leading Ladies International

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event where Jennifer was a featured speaker and was so impressed with her intuitive connection to the audience – Jennifer speaks from such a genuine place and has much to offer an eager crowd. She is a natural speaker and engages even large audiences as if she were talking directly to the individual – this is such a talent as it immediately connects her audience to her topic. Having a large organization myself, I would be thrilled to have Jennifer speak to my team and help them move through their habits, beliefs and obstacles too.

Lavender Morantz N.W.S.

Business and Lifestyle Coach

It is will overwhelming gratitude that I acknowledge Jennifer for the amazing presentation she so beautifully offered for the 10th anniversary of The Joy of on 100 participants with light humor, valuable keys to conscious connection, and a calm but confident presence. It was clear afterward, by the eagerness of participants to have a few intimate moments with her, that they were moved by her invaluable presentation.

Bonnie Ross-Parker

CEO/Founder, The Joy of Connecting

Jennifer’s powerful, illuminative and emotive message is one that everyone — from the emerging entrepreneur to the senior business executive — needs to hear. By using candor combined with an amazing sense of humor and a natural ability to connect with others, Jennifer is able to create an immediate and genuine rapport with clients, colleagues and audiences alike to help them break through the money story they’ve been carrying around and often don’t even realize it. Watching the transformation she’s able to help others make in such a short time is nothing short of

Angelique Rewers

CEO, Host , The Corporate Agent & Inside Edge Conference

Jennifer Longmore of Soul Journeys was the perfect fit for the SWAN Network business women’s meeting. Her topic ‘5 Massive Money Blocks that Prevent You From Thriving in Your Life and Biz (and how you can shift once and for all)’ brought a great turnout for the event. Jennifer is very engaging, warm and while soft spoken she delivers a powerful message with some insights that invite the audience to examine some of their beliefs around money. She graciously offered the SWAN women a complimentary audio to further unblock their stories. If you are considering engaging Jennifer to speak at our event, I highly recommend you tell your audience to wear their sunglasses…her brilliance is radiant!“

Dana J. Smithers

President, North Vancouver BC, SWAN Network

We had the pleasure of having Jennifer come speak to our professional networking group. Jennifer was full of inspiration and real-world advice as she shared five massive money blocks preventing us from thriving in life and business. We were all impressed by her ability to connect with the audience and deliver her message with value, and I look forward to having her back again. Thank you Jennifer!

Caroline Pigott

President, FemCity Toronto


Create Quantum Leaps in the Akashic Records

Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” and 3-times best-selling author, is world-renowned for her laser like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal consciousness. She is a leading expert on Akashic Records and has served thousands of souls as founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Akashic Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method.

For more than 15 years, she has served clients in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are so that they can live their most abundant, aligned, and accelerated soul’s journey. With over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries, Jennifer continues to offer these high-level sessions to souls who are really committed to shine their light.

In this dynamic talk, Jennifer is going to shed light on:

  • Why the Akashic Records are the only transformational tool you’ll ever need to thrive in your purpose and create the life you’ve always wanted
  • How to instantly shift any perceptions/blocks holding you back from making quantum leaps whenever you choose
  • A powerful guided meditation that leads you into your own Akashic Record so that you can attune to this energy during the call

5 Massive Money Blocks That Prevent You From Thriving In Your Business

(and how you can quickly shift it once and for all)!

Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” and 3-time best selling author, is creator of the popular Spiritual Leadership and Legacy Program for Entrepreneurs and Heal Your Money Story Intensive.  For over 15 years she has been helping people remember who they really are and clear the issues out of their money tissues through over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries.  

She acquired more than $20M in real estate assets last year and runs several successful companies as a healie-feelie, woo-woo person!  Jennifer is delighted to share what THE most important investment is to finally make those quantum leaps in your income this year! To learn more about Jennifer, visit

Having conducted over 30,000 soul purpose sessions over the years, Jennifer has seen a consistent pattern with people from all walks of life as to what holds them back in thriving in their potential and creating the life of their dreams – money!  She’s also come to learn that it’s never about the money, and is really about something much, much deeper. Once folks tap into the divine truth of what’s really holding them back, they burst through lifetimes of barriers and blockages and begin seeing instant shifts in their money story (such as promotions, unexpected cheques in the mail, tax rebates, new clients, found money, and so much more).

In this dynamic talk, Jennifer is going to shed light on:

  • the 5 ways your money story is holding you back;
  • the 4 root causes behind your money blocks;
  • the 3 quick and powerful ways they can shift it once and for all