8 Ways to Embody Financial Freedom

  To really bring it into your body. This episode is a financial freedom boost. Jennifer discusses the 8 ways to embody financial freedom—to really bring abundance into your body and experience. The more we work through the issues on our money tissues, the more...

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Great Awakening Round Table 2 Discussion

  In part 2 of this round table discussion, I’m joined by 4 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors - Elizabeth Purvis, Nicholle Caldwell, Juliet Tang, and Baljit Rayat who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insights that every...

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The Body Is Ascending

  In this episode, Jennifer discusses what the body is exactly going through right now. She has tuned into the Akashic Records to see what’s going on with our physical beings and what we can do to support ourselves. The intensity of the physical symptoms that...

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20 Ways to Align to Your Purpose

  In this podcast episode, Jennifer speaks to us about the ways that we can align into our greater purpose. This is what the last few months have really been touching upon. We’re gaining clarity on what we value and what we don’t. We’re feeling a deeper, sacred...

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How to Navigate Social Media Energetics

  In this episode, Jennifer provides her valuable insight into how we can still use social media to our advantage during these intense times. We can still connect with others, get reliable information, and attract soul-aligned clients using social media. Even...

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Great Awakening Round Table 1 Discussion

  In this Roundtable discussion, I’m joined by 3 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insight that every soul purpose entrepreneur needs to hear: Baljit Rayat, Nicholle Caldwell, and...

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Owning Our Sovereignty with Ellen Gregg

  Ellen is an intuitive healer who provides support and healing for humans being... and some humans doing, too. While she's been aware of her intuitive nature all her life, she made it official in January of 2010 and embarked on a journey beyond her wildest...

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