Taking Risks and Leaning Into Fear with Tracy Neely

Tracy Neely is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Coach, Seer and Soul Priestess for women entrepreneurs. ⁣ Tracy create𝐬 space for women in a service based business to heal and raise their vibration through energy healing, mindset and life coaching, and intuitive...

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Opening Up Your Wealth Portal with Dr. Stephania Sciamano

Dr. Stephania Sciamano spent over 18 years mastering the Body-Money connection, Heart-based Leadership, and Feminine-Masculine dynamics. She has worked with over 1000 women to expand their wealth consciousness and liberate creative expression in congruence with their...

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Deceptions Begone

In this episode, Jennifer discusses what decepticon looks like and how much we’ve been deceived intentionally. We know at this point that the Elite, FreeMasons, Satanic have infiltrated every area of our life. Jennifer looks at how this immense deception has impacted...

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Stop Trusting The Plantomime

The unveiling in 2020 has helped us to realize that each of us has been hooked by something. Our consciousness has been hijacked in order to fulfill their agenda. The Plantomime has taught us that there’s someone who will be saving the day. But, the reality is, it’s...

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2021 Predictions

This episode discusses the business predictions that Jennifer downloaded for 2021 in the transformation space. Happy New Year!   A massive spike with online learning. An increase in people wanting to find their purpose.  An interest in creating your own economy. ...

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2020 in Review

There were silver linings and gifts in 2020, but most of it felt pretty chaotic to our souls. Each week the energy was completely different. Most of what we thought of the world was completely flipped upside down. The world has changed forever and how we relate to it....

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Great Awakening Round Table 4 Discussion

In part 4 of this round table discussion, I’m joined by 4 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors - Baljit Rayat, Kimberly Firewalker, Jamie Lu and Robyn McKay who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insights that every soul purpose...

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Connecting to Goddess Energy with Jami Hearn

Jami Hearn is an Intuitive Women’s Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Teacher, who is passionate about working with high-achieving, spiritual women, who despite outside success, still struggle with self-judgement, inner work and a lack of clarity around her purpose....

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