Receive the Exact Coaching and Wealth Creation Blueprint You Need to Empower Others to Heal Their Money Story (while healing your own)

woman-with-money-300x199I’m so excited and privileged to empower as many people as possible heal their money stories and….I would love for you to join me on this mission!

This immersive program was born when many of the amazing participants from my flagship, 3 part Heal Your Money Story training, contacted me to see if I could create a program that could teach them how to coach others in healing their money story. They were blown away with the miraculous results that they were experiencing and couldn’t wait to help others do the same. How amazing is that?!

The requests were so abundant, that upon reflection, I realized that creating a coaching program is in complete alignment with my mission; that is, having as many people as possible out there coaching others in the method that I intuitively downloaded to shift money stories once and for all. It truly is my heart’s work to help everyone release their money blocks so that they can finally start living their life to the fullest.

When we have money to fuel our purpose and our dreams, there are more people out there spreading love, kindness, peace and their own personal missions because they are not weighed down and limited by not having the financial resources to do so.

Plus, teaching and human behavior is in my bones.  As a trained forensic social worker, and having conducted over 30,000 soul purpose sessions and teaching 1000’s in my training programs, I’ve learned what makes people tick, how to coach and how to teach others how to coach. In other words, you’re in qualified hands with me:)

So, without further ado, I’d like to invite you to participate in the Soul Journeys® Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program.

This abundant opportunity is for you if:

  • you have a strong desire to heal your own money story more deeply AND help others heal theirs (think of the exponential power we have to make a HUGE impact on the world when we are at peace with the energy of money)
  • you are excited to create an incredible opportunity for an amazing income-generating service for your conscious business and/or wish to add value to your fabulous clients that you’re already serving
  • you are eager to be a part of this innovative, exclusive new coaching program with the founder of this method and world-renowned healer, author and radio host, knowing that you’ll have direct access to me and all of the wisdom that I’ve accumulated in moving through this topic (and beyond)
  • you have an exclusive opportunity to apply to teach this method to other coaches in the future and this appeals to you because you are a leader
  • you appreciate the backing that you receive through certification to coach this proprietary information AND want others to easily find you and this work by being featured on my highly-visible site as a certified coach in this area
  • and so many more miracle-rich benefits!

This intensive will cover TONS of high-value content (as you know is the case for any program that I offer), including such areas as:

  • joyfully re-aligning your money integrity
  • creating your big money vision
  • expanding all money channels and wealth possibilities
  • co-creating all layers of wealth with your future self
  • how to coach others through their money issues and their resistance
  • creating a permanent, wealthy mindset
  • how to deal with sticky client situations (you know that money is *really* going to trigger the issues in people’s tissues, right?!)
  • how to be a powerful, effective money leader
  • and much, much more!

Within 6 months, you’ll have earned your certification and have all of the inner schools and outer tools that you need to help others heal *their* money story once and for all, plus…..with lifetime access to your private group forum, you can always pop in with questions, celebrations and more!

The bonus is that you take YOUR money story to the next level as you’re learning this and that is priceless!  

Just look at what some of past students have to say about this program:

alicia-isaacs-howes“Before coaching with Jennifer, before HYMS, I was still wondering what I was doing wrong after all the courses in belief management I’d invested in, the affirmations I’d written and felt, and the yearning to help others but feeling that I wasn’t prepared to do that if I couldn’t figure out my own stuff (debt, worry, stress). How could I offer advice, effective coaching and energy-shifts if I hadn’t been able to create all that I wanted for myself?

“I had a service business I loved but was more of an expensive hobby than an income generator. I felt in my heart that I could change my finances but whatever I had tried wasn’t making much of a difference. I took Jennifer’s Heal Your Money Story self-study course in August 2011 and things started shifting. A month later, I manifested a way to attend her 3-day class on Akashic Records and wasn’t sure why I was going (as I’d been working in the Records for over 10 years) but knew there was something for me there. That’s when I heard about Jennifer offering the coaching certification programme for the Heal Your Money Story approach. Bingo! No thinking required just the full and complete knowing that this was my next right step. Since then, some of the changes I’ve attracted are:

  • Generated 46% of last year’s total income in the first quarter of 2012
  • Increased Facebook fans by over 2000%, Twitter followers by over 3000% and my mailing list by 250%
  • Launched new programs for my business
  • Created a Money Vision and fulfilled two of the items that had been on my wish list for at least 5 years (new living room furniture and a family trip to Disney)
  • Feeling openness and trust even when external circumstances that would have thrown me into worry before show up
  • Receiving support in all kinds of way, including financial
  • Joined a powerful collaboration with other like-hearted, like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Embracing and enjoying my role as a teacher, healer and coach because I trust that I can share what I have experienced, healed and changed in myself

“This course is not only about changing your money story and how to help others change theirs too, because it’s not really about the money but about all the intimate relationships in life. If you’ve tried other tools, courses and approaches and feel that you’re just not getting it, this might be exactly what you need as it was for me! I would absolutely recommend Jennifer as a coach to anyone.”

Alicia Isaacs Howes

lisa-manyon“After spending time with Jennifer she shifted my way of thinking about my business offerings and what I was charging in a matter of minutes. She is a gifted energetic who sees your fullest potential, often before you can even visualize it. Working with her on my money story has helped me become more aligned with what I really want, break free from old thinking patterns and increase my rates with integrity in way that feels good and is of service to my clients. I am more energetically aligned with what is possible and continue to step into the unlimited potential that I now know is there for me. Because I am aligned with the energy of money I am regularly attracting ideal partnerships (in addition to my normal income streams) including one that will generate a minimum of five figures. If you feel as if you’re in “stuck” spot when it comes to your money story and you’re not sure how to move forward, I highly recommend investing in Jennifer’s programs and services. Her offerings can help you finally heal your money story so you can move forward, help more people, get paid what you are worth (often much more than you’re currently charging) and do the work you were meant to do.”

Lisa Manyon

Pascale-Landriault“Before starting the Heal Your Money Story Program with Jennifer, I was in a push-pull relationship with money, pulling it in, pushing it out, ignoring it, holding on to it, using it to make excuses, name it. Money was taking a lot of abuse from me. With Jennifer’s teaching, coaching and healing around money, I became fully aware of my not so great relationship with money, and started releasing old patterns, family programming and the beliefs around money that weren’t serving me and that were preventing me from bringing as much of it into my life as I wanted to and making best use of it.

“Thanks to the Heal Your Money Story Program, I am now no longer afraid of looking money in the eye and I know where I’m at in my business and my personal finances. I have transformed my relationship with money; money is now my friend and I treat it as such and it treats me as such. That doesn’t mean we don’t ever disagree but we are on good terms and we are communicating! I am at peace with money. I view it as a positive energy and as an infinite source. The scarcity mindset is giving place to an abundance mindset.  As a result there is more flow, I am letting more money in, and I am no longer creating debt. Healing my money story has also helped me set clear boundaries around money in my business and create pricing strategies with integrity and in alignment with my services.”

Pascale Landriault
Life and Business Coach

Joanna Garzilli“I was so impressed by Jennifer’s sacred healing system around healing money issues and just 72 hours after experiencing her work, I attracted $27, 000 in new business, moved to an amazing condo that should have cost so much more, experienced more flow in all areas of my life and have an even more wonderful relationship with money. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s work; it is truly incredible!”

Joanna Garzilli

dana-smithers“I’ve known I was on a spiritual journey since 1984 and have spent years searching for deeper meaning in my life. The Universe has always lead me to the teachers and programs that I have needed to help me grow. Before I became a solo-entrepreneur over 10 years ago I had a successful steady ‘job’ in the corporate world and while I have attracted a six figure income as an entrepreneur I have always had a roller coaster ride with money. The highs and the lows became exhausting and the minute I was introduced to Jennifer Longmore and her Soul JourneysR Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program I knew my search had ended. The tools that I learned from Jennifer’s program have shifted the way I see money and the relationship that I now have with Source is peaceful and trusting. My business model for coaching other women in business has shifted significantly and I am excited to be able to use so many of the tools from the program when I’m working with other business entrepreneurs. Together we make a difference in the world that we create – healthier and more loving.”

Dana Smithers

elizabeth-purvis“Jennifer has a habit of blowing my mind. As a mentor & coach, it is my mission to empower women to become as financially RICH - i.e., real dollars in the bank account - as they are spiritually rich. For that, we need models. And there are few women out there who actually embody spiritual wealth like Jennifer.

“I have such confidence in Jennifer because she walks her talk & I've experienced her money magic myself. Over the past couple of years she has been an energetic "secret weapon" behind my most successful launches, with her coaching & teaching having a direct impact on over $1m in revenue in my business. She has stretched my sense of possibility like nobody else, and as someone who teaches this manifestation stuff day in and day out, that is really saying something.

“If you're a spirit-led, mission-driven woman who wants to create true wealth... run, don't walk, to any opportunity you have to experience Jennifer. She is the real deal, with the results to prove it. And a heart of gold to boot.”

Elizabeth Purvis
Founder of Goddess Business School® & CEO of 7-Figure Goddess

"Working with Jennifer has been such a blessing! With her help, it was possible to discover my soul’s purpose and my archetype. I finally feel at home with my meaning.

With her loving support, I was able to truly step into my purpose and structure a business that I love and that allows me to help other people in a profitable way.

My self-worth has increased and I smashed the money blocks that I had, getting over plateaus and gaining a new confidence and clarity.

After a year of working with her, I truly manifested the life and business that I always dreamed of! I was able to sell two houses (one of them was on the market for ages),

relocate from Italy to Sweden with maximum ease, find a wonderful new house and great schools for my kids.

Knowing that she was there, cheering for me and supporting me made all the difference. I definitely suggest working with her if you really want to make effective improvements to your work and life.”

Beatrice Lugano


IT’S TIME - Let’s get you enrolled so that you can start changing lives by gifting people the peace and flow they crave in their relationship with money!

You can begin whenever you are ready to make a difference!
Your program includes:

  • 1

    TWELVE 1hr Training Calls

    You will receive my step-by-step, paint-by-numbers process on how to effectively coach others through their money through these virtual training calls. (value $10,000)

  • 2

    Tools For Your Success

    1 set of invaluable tools, templates and packages to fully support shifts in your money story and those of your clients (value $1,000)

  • 3

    Certification & Website Feature

    A certification and website feature upon successful completion of 30 hours of practice (value $2,000)

  • 4

    Healing Your Own Money Story

    Go through your own spectacular personal transformation and development (priceless)

  • 5

    BONUS Money Trainings - Next 48 Hours Only!

    Heal Your Money Story 3-part digital training (value $400)
    Har-money-ous Bliss - 10 weeks to a lasting, loving, soulful relationship with money (value $797)
    8:88 Accessing Your Abundance Portal - amplify your abundance threshold and make quantum leaps to create the life and biz of your dreams (value $888)

All totaled, you can see that this certification program is worth well over $12,000. Obviously, I am not going to charge you that amount because I want to make this program accessible to you as part of your own money story evolution as well (since the transformation you receive in the program is immeasurable).  I am offering it to you for ONLY $4,997 if you pay in full, or a very affordable payment plan option of $897 for 6 payments.

If you purchase within the next 48 hours, you'll receive over $2,000 in bonus money trainings - FREE!

p.s. I am only opening this to a small group of 20 highly-committed souls who are really motivated to deepen their own healing with money and help others do the same, AND who want to be among the first to certify in this innovative, exclusive coaching program, so you’ll definitely want to click below to reserve your space.

YES! Enroll me in the Heal Your Money Story – Coaching Certification Program Now!

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I can’t wait to share this powerful training series with you!  In the meantime, wishing you rich, abundant blessings and I am so honoured to be a part of your journey! Much love,

P.S It is my mission to empower other’s to reawaken their abundance threshold. I would love for you to support me in my mission by forwarding this invitation to your friends and loved ones so that they can receive the full benefit of this powerful call. Choose to be the torch that lights another’s flame!

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