In this Roundtable discussion, I’m joined by 3 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insight that every soul purpose entrepreneur needs to hear: Baljit Rayat, Nicholle Caldwell, and Kimberly Firewalker.

Why now? Well, I have dedicated the last two decades supporting consciousness – soul consciousness, business consciousness, and wealth consciousness – for over 100,000 souls.⠀⠀

These are beyond challenging times, and as lightworkers we are all experiencing a collective elevating of consciousness in our businesses, our souls, and our communities.

I want you to be equipped with both the 3D and 5D strategies to navigate this with as much ease and grace as is possible under the circumstances, which is why I’m hosting this Great Awakening Round Table.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Join us as we step into this new 5D reality and embrace Feminine Solar Energy.


  • Nicholle’s role with the Great Awakening – reconnecting women to their own inner voice so they know what’s true, clearing energetic blocks so they can trust themselves.
  • Kimberly’s role with the Great Awakening – rooted in shadow work, focuses on high impact leaders working through having a good life on paper to a place of true sovereignty.
  • Baljit’s role with the Great Awakening – activate and connect to their highest potential using Akashic Records and channels star activation to connect people to their highest potential.
  • Their perspectives with Trump’s role with The Great Awakening.
  • “Because Trump is our President, we need to send him love. Anyone who has put themselves in that position to bravely lead our country, needs our support whether we agree with him or not. ” – Nicholle
  • The distractions that Trump provides from us doing our own deeper work.  
  • How do we navigate “Awakening” fatigue?
  • If you’re not speaking up, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time. 
  • “Tune into what feels good to you and where you can be the most supportive, and go from there.”
  • It’s important to show people “where to aim their flame”. 
  • On a 5D level, what are we being asked to dismantle?
  • The 5D is recognizing ourselves as divine and the responsibility that comes along with it. 
  • Dismantling of co-dependency, the slavery energetic templates, our 3rd eye, and bringing awareness to our gifts.
  • The Divine Feminine is awakening – “She was at rest, now she’s awake and she’s pissed.”
  • How we move towards a healthy divine feminine and a healthy divine masculine. 
  • “Leaders spread solutions, not fear.”
  • The importance of being in nature right now and having a breathwork practice. 
  • “When you’re leading a community and you’re leading yourself, you need someone you can lock arms with.”
  • How do we discern all of the information that is coming at us?
  • “Nature is the truth.”
  • “The dreaded drama triangle” – Victim ~ Rescuer ~ Persecutor.
  • Ask yourself – “How am I showing up today?”
  • The base of discernment – “Why am I doing this thing? Is it serving me?”
  • How to start a sentence so that you can guarantee the truth will come out.
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