In part 2 of this round table discussion, I’m joined by 4 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors – Elizabeth Purvis, Nicholle Caldwell, Juliet Tang, and Baljit Rayat who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insights that every soul purpose entrepreneur needs to hear.

This is a continuation from our first round table discussion. If you didn’t listen to that one, please go here:


  • The weather warfare that is going on in Portland, OR and around the world. 
  • “There’s a lot of black magic that’s getting activated.”
  • “It’s hard to be intuitive and make sound decisions, when you’re literally in fight or flight.”
  • “We are just as powerful as they are. You can tell them to get the “F” out.”
  • We can always come back to the place of choice. Remember that you have free will. 
  • Ask yourself: what responsibility can I take right now? What actions can I take? What am I in control of?
  • The more empowered we want to be, the more responsibility we need to take. 
  • The Great Awakening is really about sovereignty. 
  • As painful as this has been, we did give consent to be here participating in this. 
  • How do we hold multiple perspectives and not get pulled into labels?
  • What is the truth – how do we discern this?
  • Juliet’s dismantling process
  • Ask yourself: how can I show up in my full integrity and highest truth and impact others in this space?
  • Say this outloud when you notice the truth dismantling: “Unlearn, unlearn, unlearn.”
  • The importance of taking people off their pedestals and being okay with unfollowing people, etc. 
  • How to have a supportive space that supports your wellbeing. 
  • How the pandemic has been testing Jennifer’s marriage.
  • Rest assured that we’re all feeling a lot of confusion. 
  • Why women are particularly feeling this energy so intensely. 
  • The maturation process that’s currently happening and why we no longer feel safe and are “acting out”. 
  • This is not just a new paradigm, but a new AGE. 
  • The desire to live off the grid and purchase land to build your own community. 
  • Speed round of predictions – the 2 things that all of the panelists see happening in the next 6 months.


Jennifer Longmore

Elizabeth Purvis: 

Baljit Rayat

Nicholle Caldwell

Juliet Tang