In part 4 of this round table discussion, I’m joined by 4 brilliant and amazing Lightwarriors – Baljit Rayat, Kimberly Firewalker, Jamie Lu and Robyn McKay who share their own experiences with the Great Unveiling, along with tools and insights that every soul purpose entrepreneur needs to hear.

This is a continuation from our previous round table discussions. You can listen to these discussions by going here:

  • How do we help people navigate through this Great Awakening? 
  • How do you know when information is meant for you?
  • Ask your guides to show you the truth—the truth is all around us. 
  • How to connect with Mother Earth and plant medicine to strengthen your being. 
  • “Truth has its own frequency.”
  • When you’re in the presence of truth, your body responses and it moves you forward. 
  • A truth strengthens us; a lie weakens us.
  • The Leurian Council and what that means.
  • Why sound frequency will be so important moving forward. 
  • Moving your body is a way to remove the enslavement codes. 
  • Ask yourself: What is the medicine that I’m bringing to the world? (this is different from your purpose)
  • Your heart is the instrument to experience these different layers. 
  • Don’t be afraid to claim your birthright. 
  • Sound moves us beyond words. Music brings us deeper into the body, which is where we need to go. 
  • Jamie Lu: The miraculous world of frequency and the liberation of humanity
  • How concerned should we be with the vaccine?
  • “Those who are meant to take (the vaccine) it are meant to take it, for whatever reason.”
  • How to not contribute to the fear of the vaccines.
  • Insight into the end of the year energies and the new year.
  • Authenticity and transparency are going to be the keys for 2021.

Jennifer Longmore

Baljit Rayat

Kimberly Firewalker

Jamie Lu

Robyn McKay