Money has been a topic I’ve frequented these past few months. Sometimes we may find ourselves compelled to one topic, not for a fleeting moment, but consistently over and over. When you find yourself drawn to a topic persistently, as I have, it’s worthwhile to take a moment, and explore it fully.

Persistence is our intuition and our energy telling us that our soul needs to spend a little longer with something.

Try to open yourself and align your soul to see if you can get closer to understanding what it is that your soul needs. Can you sense what your persistence is trying to communicate?

I feel compelled to explore the topic of money as fully as possible because I know what kind of impact each individual money story has, and I also know how powerful and freeing it can be to finally heal your money story.

An important part of healing your own money story comes in the form of securing your financial foundation. If you feel insecure or like you may be sinking in your own money story, start your healing process by addressing these 8 common cracks in your money foundation.

  • Putting your dreams on hold – Avoid the pit of procrastination. You act as though one day or someday are days of the week and find yourself constantly saying things like “I can’t do that right now because I don’t have enough money.” Letting money hold you back today can easily turn into letting it hold you back tomorrow…and the day after that.
  • Sticking around in icky situations – you don’t see another way out of relationships, jobs, or situations that have become toxic or ran their course due to finances (either you don’t have what you need to get out OR….. you’ll be fine but you feel that the other person won’t OR….the person will take what you have if you do take action and leave)
  • Chronic debt – Too many of us spend outside of our means or suffer from the desire to have more with no discretion. We end up with too much of what we don’t need and the “not enoughs” (money, sex, love, success, peace, joy); you may find yourself treating money like a hot potato. Finding peace with what you really need more of will help you curb your desire to indulge in more of what you don’t
  • Denying yourself support – you don’t trust the support that is offered, and/or you think it may be perceived it’s a sign of weakness, don’t wish to be a burden and/or it’s easier to do it on your own.
  • Self-sabotage – This happens deep down and you block business deals, you jeopardize your pay-check, you don’t send in your taxes even though you can, You procrastinate or don’t take care of the things that will let you get ahead. Is this you?
  • Hoarding – you’re saving for a rainy day, but never spend and never allow the joy which does not create flow. Just as having too much debt, never allowing yourself to part with anything is just as damaging to your money story
  • Jealousy – This is all too easy to get wrapped up in, and you focus on what others have and openly or secretly judge or shame them OR “flaunt” what you have even if you cannot afford it in hopes that others will be envious of you. Ask yourself what need that response feeds within you, and whether or not there is a more energizing and aligned way to feed that need.
  • Refusing to face it dead on – No good ever came of denial. This is big one for many people and comes in the form of having no idea what’s in your bank account, not tracking your earning and spending, having someone else invest while you have no idea what is going on, giving your partner complete control and doesn’t bring you in (or you don’t want to know), etc. Being in the know helps you heal. Out of sight out of mind is not the right mantra to have with your money.

To Fix The Cracks:

  1. Identify which crack in your foundation calls out the most to be addressed. What’s is persistently calling to you?
  2. Allow yourself to find awareness of the emotions activated by this crack. What need is it falsely fulfilling? Write a letter to this crack. Tell it how you are feeling (it may feel weird or cheesy but – trust me, it is helpful. All cliches are based in some truth:)
  3. Create a practical, step-by-step plan addressing how you will seal this crack. Give yourself a goal deadline (otherwise it continues to be the thing that you avoid)
  4. Ask for support. You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to do it alone. Whether it be a support group, a financial planner or something else, you need support in sealing this crack (otherwise, you would have already done it & it’s okay and enriching to receive support) so that you can create more wealth rather than more scarcity.

It’s never too late to seal the cracks in your money foundation. If you’d like to shift to a healthy money story AND help others to do the same, I’d love to see you in my Soul Journeys® Heal Your Money Story Certification Program! Imagine building a thriving business coaching others to invite divine abundance into their lives…does that sound thrilling to you? If so, I hope to see you in the group!



Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leading expert on creating profitable, sustainable businesses. As a 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same. She is a serial entrepreneur who runs several 7 and 8 figure empires, is a savvy investor, and master money coach, who teaches her success practices in money and biz so that you can have multiple thriving empires too!