No matter how spiritual we think ourselves to be, we can always fall into the trap of analysis paralysis, perfection paralysis, indecision, and more. Money decisions seem to compound this times infinity!

It certainly feels much easier when we feel an absolute YES!!! to any decision we make that involves money, especially when it involves living an aligned path that includes the and better each and every time.

So, here are the top FIVE questions that allow you to choose soul-level wealth:

1. Do I feel lighter when I think about creating/accepting/choosing [___________]?

When something feels light, that’s our soul’s way of saying this is aligned for you!

2. Do I feel expansive and/or more energized when I think about creating/accepting/choosing [__________]?

When we feel increased energy and/or expansion, again it’s our souls ways of letting us know that it’s an aligned choice.

3. What would I advise my best friend (or client)?

Your higher self is your best friend, and just as you seem to know the right advice to give to your bestie, so does your higher self (which will show up when you ask this question).

4. What’s the short term cause and effect of this decision, and can I live with it?

If you feel lighter, or more expansive, then you’re likely making an aligned choice.

5. What’s the long term cause and effect of this decision. and can I live with it?

If you have a strong sense that you will not have regrets either way (which feels heavy in the body), then you’re on your way to an aligned decision.

Each time we spend time and energy having to reverse engineer our choices, it detracts and distracts from our purpose. I’ve seen too many people lose DECADES of their lives reverse engineering DEBT (ugh), so I’ve seen first hand the massive amount of energy expenditure thats unconsciously created/exerted when these questions aren’t asked.

When we use these 1 or more of these 5 questions, we can create more flow and ease, which attracts more abundance and flow. It allows us to save every morsel of juicy life force energy to live in full alignment with our purpose (which is how we were created).

How does it get any better than that?!

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Jennifer Longmore, Business Energetics Expert, is a leading expert on creating profitable, sustainable businesses. As a 3-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, she is recognized for creating a 6 figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice and now is best known for teaching others how they can do the same. She is a serial entrepreneur who runs several 7 and 8 figure empires, is a savvy investor, and master money coach, who teaches her success practices in money and biz so that you can have multiple thriving empires too!